M5.1 earthquake, new cone collapse, new lava flow, the La Palma eruption is picking up quickly

La Palma eruption update for November 19 2021
La Palma eruption update for November 19 2021

The Cumbre Vieja volcano registered 319 earthquakes in a single day on Thursday. This is the highest number of earthquakes in 24 hours since the beginning of the eruption on  September 19, 2021. Most of the 300+ earthquakes occurred at a depth of between 10 and 15 kilometres in Mazo and Fuencaliente on the island of La Palma.

earthquake increase La Palma
Earthquakes increase on La Palma. Picture IGN

A M5.1 earthquake, the largest since the beginning of the eruption exactly two months ago, hit Villa del Mazo, La Palma early Friday morning.

The deep earthquake (37 kilometers deep) was felt on several neighboring islands like Tenerife, La Gomera and El Hierro.

The partial collapse of the main eruptive cone collapsed Thursday’s afternoon.

It released very fluid lava, that reactivated lava flow 3 (feeds the lava deltas that were created since September 28) and 11 (from Montaña Rajada to the north of Montaña Cogote).

The third flow, the most dangerous, is running at 20 meters per hour through an area that has not already been affected until now, destroying new homes and farms.

The new overflow has formed a lava lake at the intermediate emission point between the lower mouth of lava flows and the upper crater that always emits ashes. Yes! the eruption is clearly not calming down!

The lava has covered 1,048 hectares, 7.4 more in the last 24 hours. The lava delta totals almost 43 hectares.

The area of ​​crops affected by the lava amounts 314.07 hectares, 8.48 more than the last day. Of these, 187.32 hectares correspond to banana plantations, 59.9 to vineyards and 24.89 to avocado trees.

According to the data provided by the European satellite system Copernicus, 2,731 have been affected (2,616 damaged and 115 only partially).

The volcanic plume reaches a height of about 3,500 meters and drifts to the east and southeast, which could hinder air traffic over the next 48 hours. Air is still bad!

based on these observations, the eruption on La Palma is currently intensifying! I don’t understand wha MSM reports the opposite!

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  1. Experts surprised! If one had a nickel for every time that phrase was uttered they would make Croesus appear a pauper. A GLOBAL seismic and volcanic convulsion has been underway for a decades and then some. The entire Ring of Fire is lit-up like a flashing red light at a railroad crossing warning of the runaway geological express train now roaring down the track. This eruption will not completely subside before the GLOBAL PAROXYSM brings the planet to its knees. The planet is expanding with resultant tectonic fissures opening wider for the flow of deuterium rich sea water at depth to fuel the nucleosynthesis process (cold-fusion reaction) deep within the nuclear reaction chambers below which are amply supplied with platinum and palladium doped basalt formations (‘rods’). If you continue to rely upon the surprised ‘expert’ ants furtively scurrying upon the surface and dismiss the very clear signs the earth is bellowing loudly and clearly, then the consequences will be upon your own heads. The prevailing theory of Uniformitarianism is gasping its last breath to the sound and fury of Catastrophism, the time for which has finally come. The vultures (Azores) are being stirred from their roosts and are now circling over the carnage to come. MSM desperately under reports to keep the clueless calm and continues to conceal the obvious signs our world is on the verge of being rocked like never before in its recorded history.

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