Lightning apocalypse as more than 1.3 million bolts strike Australia overnight – Vicious thunderstorms bring record rainfall and flooding

More than 1 million lightnings strike in Australia overnight
More than 1 million lightnings strike in Australia overnight

More than one million lightning strikes erupted across Australia in the past 24 hours as thunderstorms swept across the country.

Weatherzone’s Total Lightning Network detected 1.37 million lightning pulses across central and eastern Australia during the 24 hours ending at 8am on Thursday.

These consisted of both cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning strikes.

Australia lightning apocalypse on November 10-11 2021
Australia lightning apocalypse on November 10-11 2021. via Weatherzone

Unprecedented floods in outback

The rain that came from these prolific storms has inundated the Australian outback, cutting off roads and flooding some creeks and rivers.

The Todd River is surging through Alice Springs this morning after the town collected around 140mm during the last three days.

This included 100.2mm during the 24 hours to 9am local time on Wednesday, which was its heaviest daily rain in 21 years.

Further east, widespread falls of 30-60mm have been recorded across western, central and southern QLD, and northern and central NSW on Wednesday into Thursday morning.

This included 86.8mm at Applethorpe during the 23 hours to 8am local time on Thursday, its highest daily total in nine years.

More rain and storms on the way

Thursday is going to another big day of wet and stormy weather for parts of central, southern and eastern Australia.

A deepening low pressure system and associated low pressure trough will produce widespread rain and thunderstorms over QLD, NSW, the ACT, Vic and SA on Thursday.

The video below shows where and how much rain one computer model is predicting on Thursday alone.

Numerous flood watches, flood warnings and severe weather warnings are already in place and these will be updated regularly in the coming days. Check the latest warnings in your area for up-to-date details and never drive through floodwater.

Sydney and Brisbane will be impacted by the low pressure system today with showers and possible storms forecast.

Residents are warned not to drive through floodwaters. Some of Thursday’s rain will be falling over already saturated ground, so flooding is likely. Check the latest warnings in your area for up-to-date details and never drive through floodwater. [WeatherZone]

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  1. So how do we know it was 1.3 Million Lightening is Australia last nights. Did any one count them. AI did or how it was done. May be it was MO counting it ?lol

  2. We haven’t seen the worst that will come from us being in this Grand Solar Minimum yet.
    Each year now as we pass the next few decades, earth’s storms will be worse than the prior year.
    Strange lights that are seen in petroglyphs around the world will be our daily viewing. We ain’t seen nothing yet!
    Oh boy, what a time we live in.

  3. Did any tyrants get hit by lightning? That nasty witch lady, with the horseface. What about that sodomite, Andrews?

    • Nah, she’s gonna go run and hide somewhere… They will give her a slap on the wrist, pay her some money to not show her face as much. It’s how the Australian system works, get into power for a bit then pocket some money. Retire.

    • Many have fallen away. They can come back. God speaks to those who have eyes to see, and ears to hear.

      He probably answers prayers, if the faithful are obeying the Commandments too. So, it takes effort, if you want prayers to be answered in my opinion.

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