5G TESTS: Flock of 200 starlings drops DEAD from the sky in Galician city after plasma discharge

About 150 birds suddenly dropped dead from the sky in Galicia, Spain
About 150 birds suddenly dropped dead from the sky in Galicia, Spain

A flock of about 150 starlings died around 9am this Friday, November 26. The flock of birds was reportedly in mid-flight, then suddenly all crashed onto Calle Alcalde Quintanilla Martinez street, in the Caranza neighborhood, of the A Coruña municipality of Ferrol.

This incredible incident saw the birds drop on top of vehicles in the street, and even onto the pedestrians who were passing by in the vicinity of the Ribera Juan Cardano Hospital. Residents quickly alerted the Ferrol Local Police force, who deployed a patrol to the Galician location.

They were accompanied by an environmental technician from the Xunta, and technicians from the company that performs the bird control service for the Ferrol Department of the Environment. Together, they proceeded to remove this dead flock of specimens of the common starling – Sturnus vulgaris.

Among the fallen birds, five were recovered still alive, but unable to fly. They were transferred in carriers to the Xunta’s Wild Fauna Recovery Centre, located in Oleiros, A Coruña. Meanwhile, both the Ferrol City Council and the Xunta have been in collaboration to try to find out the causes of the death of these birds.

As pointed out by the local administration, the Ferrol bird control company had located last Thursday, 25, a small flock of about 30 starlings in the University area, although, the area where these dead and injured specimens appeared “is not a previously cataloged roost and no notice of the presence of starlings had been received before”.

One hypothesis is that if a bird touches a high voltage cable with a wing, the electric arc phenomenon can occur, and this discharge is quickly transmitted to the rest of the flock, with fatal consequences, as reported 20minutos.es. [20min]

Meanwhile, all Chinese cities, towns and villages covered by 5G in 2025 to boost control and dictatorship over billions of lives. That’s going to be a carnage!

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  1. No sorry the bird it self would have to be GROUNDED and some part of the bird touches the HV line ,unless it was caught in some other plasma discharge really strange ether way

  2. Means an outbreak of a newer virus will occur. I believe they have been using birds to drop them into areas to be infected.

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