A warning for the California coast? MONSTROUS deep-sea Angler Fish found near San Diego could be SIGN of NEXT BIG ONE!

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Rare anglerfish spotted on San Diego beach usually lives thousands of feet deep in the Pacific Ocean. via CBS8

Is this a new warning for the California coast? A rare Pacific footballfish, a deep-sea anglerfish usually found at ocean depths of more than 2,000 feet, was found on beach in San Diego, California.

deep sea angler fish San Diego, deep sea angler fish San Diego video, deep sea angler fish San Diego pictures, deep sea angler fish San Diego december 2021
A MONSTER from the deep ocean that could actually be a sign of big earthquakes. via CBS8

Jay Beiler, who captured these images encountered the fish on Torrey Pines State Beach. “At first I thought it was a — like a jellyfish or something, and then I went and looked at it a little more carefully, and some other people were gathered around it too, and then I saw that it was this very unusual fish. It’s the stuff of nightmares — mouth almost looked bloody! I’d say it was nearly a foot long.

The Scripps Institution of Oceanography reported the fish was a Pacific footballfish, one of the larger anglerfish species found throughout the Pacific Ocean. However, the species has only been seen “a few times” in California, said Ben Frable, manager of the marine vertebrate collection at Scripps.

deep sea angler fish San Diego, deep sea angler fish San Diego video, deep sea angler fish San Diego pictures, deep sea angler fish San Diego december 2021
Extremely rare: another anglerfish was spotted near Laguna Beach earlier this year, but it’s been 20 years since an anglerfish has been seen off the coast in the San Diego area. via CBS8

The Pacific footballfish species live at depths between 2,000 to 3,300 feet, where sunlight doesn’t penetrate, according to the California Academy of Sciences. The fish use a fleshy, bioluminescent lure from their heads to attract prey.

The appearance of mysterious deep-sea fish washing up on the Ring of Fire’s coast have long been considered ominous harbingers for earthquakes. Legend claims oarfish, dubbed “messengers from the sea god’s palace” in Japanese, will rise and beach themselves ahead of an earthquake.

California is overdue for ‘The Big One’

California is about 80 years overdue for “The Big One”, the kind of massive earthquake that periodically rocks California as tectonic plates slide past each other along the 800-mile long San Andreas fault.

Overall, the US Geological Survey says there are 31 and 20 per cent probabilities of an earthquake measuring magnitude 7.5, nearly Big One status, occurring in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, respectively.

The last Big One occurred in 1906, a 7.9 quake that moved 300 miles of fault, razed large parts of San Francisco, and killed more than 3,000 people in the deadliest earthquake in US history.

When the Big One hits, it will be 44 times stronger than the Northridge earthquake of 1994, which killed 72 people, injured 9,000, and caused $200 billion in damage.

Predicting when earthquakes are going to happen remains difficult, San Jose State University geologist Kimberly Blisniuk told the Los Angeles Times in March.

The San Andreas fault is one of the best studied faults in the world, and there’s still so much we can do,” she said.

Researchers concluded that a pair of major southern California quakes in 2019, registering 6.4 and 7.1 magnitudes, slightly raised the chances the Big One could strike, though the probability remains low, with about a 1 per cent chance of a major quake along the San Andreas over the next year.

There’s just not great way to know when exactly The Big One may come, according to seismologist Dr Lucy Jones.

I’m surprise we haven’t had it yet — we average 150 years between San Andreas events and it’s been 350 on the southernmost part,” she wrote on Twitter in May. “But we could easily go another 50 — or more. The time between big quakes seems to be Poissonian – that means the time since the last quake doesn’t matter.

The question is not IF but WHEN! So always be prepared and redy for a Big One if you live along one of the most dangerous fault lines in the US! [CBS8, Yahoo, Independent]

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  1. The 1989 Loma Prieto quake – about 30 killed – bay bridges collapse – major roads closed – thousands of buildings damaged, some beyond repair – half of CA in a tizzy for 2 weeks – and that’s not big enough for you?

  2. Or perhaps a deep water trolling vessel/net swooped it up and got dumped on the surface and rapid pressure change killed the fish. It then floated via the tide.

    Anyone can invent a theory with a bit of imagination.

    • Yeah, but when you bring up rock cod, their eyes pop out from too rapid an ascent. That angler fish didn’t have the eye bulging look. He doesn’t have rot either. Looks healthy?

  3. That Anglerfish is rare. He looks healthy, which makes it even more strange. When I was very young I used to read a book in the school library about deep water fish like these.

    The so-called experts have been predicting the big one since the 1960’s. Sooner or later somebody will get lucky. Perhaps if more satanic lesbians cheer abortions every day it will happen sooner than later.

  4. WATCH THE VOLCANO IN MEXICO CITY,it will destroy haft the city,…BUT two weeks later,there will be a 9.2 in OLYPIA ,WASHINGTON,THE VERY NEXT DAY,CALIFORNIA WILL HAVE A 12.5 earthquake.the state will slide into the COLD PACIFIC OCEAN,as HAFT the state breaks up and millions die because they can’t swimm..and THIS IS COMING SOON….

    • What makes you think there will be a 9.2 in Olympia, WA? I just stumbled on to this site and don’t know if you are joking around or? Is there some data or link you could share with us?

  5. Well my predictions that i said will come through. The close 100 ships in CALI will go to oceans and we starve to death. Only one who listen us dare not to prepare and what is coming to all world . WW3 major quake sin West coast of USA and Civil war 2
    are planned by UK for USA. We never free 1776 still slaved by UK.

    • If you read about the La Palma on Gensix on Steve Quayle’s website, if that volcano explodes, it will result in a major tsunami, it may just trigger the big one for the west coast if a explosion with a sonic boom/wave goes forth with it – the science guy said depends if it goes up the stack or a blockage occurs and it goes out the side of the stack will determine everything and he said it would/could be an ELE especially for us on the east coast!!

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