Sitting in their own FECES: More than 8 million gallons of RAW SEWAGE shuts all beaches in California’s Long Beach

More than 8 million gallons of sewage shuts beaches in California's Long Beach
More than 8 million gallons of sewage shuts beaches in California’s Long Beach

The release of the untreated sewage into the Dominguez Channel in Carson on Friday forced the closure of beaches downstream in Long Beach.

The massive sewage spill has led to the temporary closure of all swimming areas at beaches in the Southern California city of Long Beach.

City officials announced the spill in a news release Friday, confirming millions of gallons of untreated sewage was discharged into the Dominguez Channel, a waterway that empties into Los Angeles Harbor.

The spill, which was first detected Thursday afternoon, occurred in the city of Carson because of the failure of a 48-inch sewer main line, the city of Long Beach said in the news release.

It is estimated that about 8.5 million gallons of sewage spilled into a nearby storm drain and continued through the Dominguez Channel and the LA Harbor, said Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts (LACSD) spokesperson Bryan Langpap.

This is the largest spill on record for the LACSD, Langpap said.

Long Beach, located in Los Angeles County, has approximately seven miles of public beach, according to the city.

The Long Beach Health Department’s Water Quality inspection team is monitoring water quality in the affected beach areas and will continue until results comply with state water quality standards.

No hydrogen sulfide was detected, according to the LACSD.

As a safety precaution due to spilled sewage reaching the ocean, the LA County Department of Public Health issued a closure of beaches from Long Beach to Rancho Palos Verdes,” LACSD said.

We will be working with health officials over the coming days to monitor water quality to determine when beaches are safe to reopen and assess environmental impacts.

Crews were able to finally stop the sewage overflow Saturday by installing five bypass systems, according to LACSD, adding that three additional bypass systems were installed as protection.

A spill of this magnitude is dangerous and unacceptable, and we need to understand what happened,” LA County Supervisor Janice Hahn said on Twitter. “The recent storm undoubtedly contributed, but we need infrastructure that doesn’t fail when it rains.

Hahn called on the LACSD to perform a full investigation into what caused the spill and whether “aging or faulty infrastructure” played a role.

Last July, a stretch of Los Angeles beaches was closed due to health concerns after roughly 17 million gallons of sewage was discharged into Santa Monica Bay.

The spill came from the Hyperion Water Reclamation plant, which is next to Dockweiler State Beach and is the city’s oldest and largest wastewater plant, operating since 1894.

The spill prompted the closure of one to two miles of beaches near Los Angeles International Airport. [CNN]

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  1. California sitting in its own sh*t after having exported its sh*t all over the world through Hellywood. The irony!
    Now I know there is a God…. And poetic justice.

    • Nothing suprises me about bad things happening in California, smart people will leave, the rest don’t care what happens.

  2. If there are any here reading who know the Lord Jesus Christ- please go unto the people to proclaim His Gospel unto salvation…
    From the book of Romans: 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. 10:10For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. 10:11For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.

    • I am a retiree, and most people won’t listen, they are relying on good works and church membership/activities for salvation. Many people are also nihilists, believing in nothing. Parents no longer instill values and work eithics, Biblical teachings. Churches have become social clubs decades ago, gov 501c3 corp. w/ gov. contolled hierarchies and muzzled pastors/priests. Public schools are destroying generations teaching man came from apes and there are dozens of genders-pick and choose, LGBT agendas.,etc. America is unredeemable.

  3. No hydrogen sulfide was detected
    Worry about the shit, drugs and other GARBAGE from LA!

  4. That happens more than you think. Also, as I remember illegal aliens go to the beach, swim out in the ocean breakers and take a dump too. The floaters wind up on the nearshore. It’s fricken disgusting. We used to drive an hour to Zuma for good waves, and no turds. 60s-70s.

    • Oceans incl gulf Mex. filthy w/ sewage and farm run off, chemicals when heavy rains. I am careful what type seafood I buy and it is way up in cold waters (bering sea, artic sea, etc). read labels on frozen fish or don’t buy if no label where caught. I wonder what these cruise ships dump in oceans too.

      • In acapulco the hotels pump waste sewage out about 200 yards offshore. You can see when they pump the raw sewage from high up in the hotel. Then the kids go selling raw oysters on the beach, and laugh at the tourists.
        You’re right about seafood. I worked for a seafood distributor for a few years. Farmed fish are gross too. Watch out for farmed salmon and tilapia. Don’t eat it.

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