Strange Sounds has been BANNED from ALL ADS NETWORKS! Thank you for your support!

Tyranny of Big Techs
Let’s disrupt the tyranny of the Big Techs!

Hi everybody,

My ad provider just banned me and my site.

This was their message:

Hi Manuel,

I’m reaching out with some difficult news. Our ad partners have suspended Strange Sounds, and we do not have the option to appeal their decision. Unfortunately, this means we need to remove the ads from Strange Sounds effective immediately and are not able to continue our partnership.

Since our ad partners do not include details for proprietary reasons, there aren’t any changes or suggestions we can offer to get this adjusted.

I’m sorry we have to deliver this news today, Manuel. I wish there was something we could do, but since we don’t have the option to appeal their decision, our hands are tied. 

We wish you the best in all you do,”

This ad company was great, always there to help! But I find it pretty weird that they have nothing to say, no? That actually means they don’t want to loose one of these big guys and are licking their boots. That behavior makes me think of the song by Rammstein ‘Bück dich’ (Bend Over).

I am curious which are those big agencies… But actually, it’s a pretty easy find: Google, Facebook, Amazon, Disney, Netflix… And all the other Big Tech Corps, that try to CENSOR independent medias, because we just don’t follow what they want.

Technological tyranny is exploding. But now time is ripe to overcome the tyranny of Big Tech!

And don’t worry I will continue! Instead of putting me down, their decision gives me more power to fight for the freedom of speech.

Of course, such a site is a lot of work. I am currently looking for companies willing to be featured on the site (banner, etc…). I would also be interested in finding different products to sell. So if you know any companies and products of confidence, please send me a line:

If you like this site and want to support my work, you can donate by pushing the button below.

Thank you for your help! Manuel


  1. Eu lia bastante esse site e comentava alguns assuntos no meu canal do Youtube.
    Fiquei muito triste com o fim dele! Mas te incentivo a continuar!
    Quanto tiver outra plataforma nos informe aqui nos comentários

  2. Which means your site is being persacuted for truth for God’s word & work , the falling away must happen , pray against the antichrist spirit in Jesus mighty name , we are in end times , have faith my friend , for in the blink of an eye we are gone !!!

  3. I guess, you should use bitcoin ads companies.. there are several ad companies which Dont give a f”k about system and their dick lickers.. Thanks

  4. I will support you. You’ve done a good job with this website. I don’t think the end is near just cause an ad network left, though I agree with others that eventually your site will be taken down. I will send a donation soon. I have really enjoyed your site and am not surprised the end may be coming so soon. The rest of this year is going to be very interesting, to say the least.

    Thanks for all your hardwork, Manuel. Good work!

  5. What will you do when PayPal cancels you? Or when Visa/Mastercard/AMEX suspends card services and when your bank cancels you like they did to so many others? Or when the ISP and DNS refuse to list your web address or host your content?

    Whatcha gonna do when the BEAST system comes for YOU? (I mean YOU personally, your physical fleshly body with storm trooper clad SWAT team style kidnapping) Or some group of Bolsheviks pretending to be “public health department operatives” comes asking @ 4 am why you haven’t had your covid jabs yet? You got a plan for that? Remember Solzhenitsyn’s words because many will feel the burn of them.

    You better have a plan!

    • Beast system is falling… i guess sheeps cant feed the system much more lol.. Dont u see divine energies taking to earth right now?

      • No. I see much more death, B.S.’ing and lying, misery, stupidity, and deprivation on the horizon. Things will not get better until all things are made new again when Jesus returns.
        The Beast system is not failing at all, what you see is a pivot to another agenda to give you some hopium things will get better before they buzz kill us again with more idiotic actions.
        The “divine energies” you think you are seeing is the coming dreadful DAY OF THE LORD mentioned many times in the Bible. More than likely that event will be a micro-nova from our sun. You are not going to “ascend”, you are in the Great Tribulation now!

      • The phoenix that keeps rising or the snake that continues to feed from its tail is just the satanic cycle that they hold so dear. It will come to an end some day. It’s when the meek will inherit the earth and flesh cannot enter the kingdom.

  6. Looks like they are cleaning house in front of something big is going to happen. I feel a big storm is on the way. Sorry for losing your ads. Hopefully we don’t lose you from the digital world.

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