Good news, governments start thinking a bit! A kind of change is operating right now, at least in some countries. Hopefully that COVID Madness and Tyranny is going to end soon. But here some good and positive PLANDEMIC news from around the world :

  • Quebec drops planned tax on unvaccinated people. Mandates to be removed in some other Canadian provinces.

  • Denmark declares COVID no longer poses threat to society
  • Switzerland scraps work-from-home requirement and will lift almost all pandemic-related rules, including showing Covid certificates in restaurants and wearing masks on public transport, later this month
  • UK ends COVID mandates… Well maybe not for the reason we actually believe:

Those are great news, aren’t they? But some remain nasty:

Some countries ease, others continue oppressing! I just love what’s written on that:

COVID is a virus. I just hate how politicians used / and are using it to scare everybody to take even more control on our lives and souls! This is abuse, this is torture, this is scaremongering and fake news! I hope all of this theater will soon be over!

Natural disasters

Over 2 meters of fresh snow in 48 hours in the Alps. And there is no end in sight.

Chikurachki Volcano erupts on Paramushir Island, Russia

Haiti and Dominican Republic – Thousands displaced after flash floods damage homes – 6 inches of rain in 24 hours…

Waterspout appears in the waters off Probolinggo Regency, East Java, Indonesia

Winter Storm Landon live updates: I-70 closed in Missouri, hundreds of flights canceled

Most severe earthquake in 30 years a ‘wake-up call’ to New Madrid Seismic Zone


Homeless not welcome in LA Koreatown

Britain scrambles fighter jets after detecting unidentified aircraft approaching its airspace

Cold-stunned alligator spotted in Florida state park with fish in its mouth

VIDEO IN THIS LINK: US DoD whisteblowers claim increases in miscarriages and cancer since COVID vaccine rollout

ELECTRONIC WARFARE: Australia’s largest warship, HMAS Adelaide, completely disabled in South Pacific Ocean, off Tonga; JAPANESE PLANE TOO?

You will not believe what just happened in Illinois & Arizona! The ripple effect will impact us all!

Is graphene oxide in the vaccines contributing to adverse side effects?

US federal prisons on ANOTHER nationwide lockdown after 2 Texas inmates killed during gang fight

New species of ‘incredibly rare’ insect discovered

Earth is spinning faster now than it was 50 years ago

El Salvador president Nayib Bukele says that the destruction of American cities may well be part of a “deliberate plan.”

A cool picture that I took in Antarctica about 16 years ago…

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