COVID related? Mysterious outbreak of liver disease (hepatitis) in kids spreads to UK, EU, US – Officials say it’s not linked to vaccine but always forget to talk about the Jab immunodeficiency syndrom


Health officials say they have detected more cases of a mysterious liver disease in children that was first identified in Britain, with new infections spreading to Europe and the U.S.

Last week, British officials reported 74 cases of hepatitis, or liver inflammation, found in children since January. The usual viruses that cause infectious hepatitis were not seen in the cases, and scientists and doctors are considering other possible sources.

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Additional cases of hepatitis had been identified in Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands and Spain, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control said in a statement Tuesday without specifying exactly how many cases were found.

U.S. officials have spotted nine cases in Alabama in children aged 1 to 6.

Mild hepatitis is very common in children following a range of viral infections, but what is being seen at the moment is quite different,” said Graham Cooke, a professor of infectious diseases at Imperial College London. Some of the children in the U.K. have required specialist care at liver units and a few have needed a liver transplant.

The liver processes nutrients, filters the blood and fights infections. The infections caused symptoms like jaundice, diarrhea and abdominal pain. Hepatitis can be life-threatening if left untreated.

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While it’s unclear what’s causing the illnesses, a leading suspect is an adenovirus. Only some of the children tested positive for coronavirus, but the World Health Organization said genetic analysis of the virus was needed to determine if there were any connections among the cases.

There are dozens of adenoviruses, many of them associated with cold-like symptoms, fever, sore throat and pink eye. U.S. authorities said the nine Alabama children tested positive for adenovirus and officials there are exploring a link to one particular version — adenovirus 41 — that’s normally associated with gut inflammation.

Public health officials ruled out any links to COVID-19 vaccines, saying none of the affected children was vaccinated. What about the proven jab immunodeficiency syndrom, guys?

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The WHO noted that although there has been an increase in adenovirus in Britain, the potential role of those viruses in triggering hepatitis is unclear. WHO said there were fewer than five possible cases in Ireland and three confirmed cases in Spain, in children aged 22 months to 13 years.

The U.N. health agency said that given the jump in cases in the past month and heightened surveillance, it was “very likely” more cases will be detected.

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Beginning of the year, the MSM was preparing the masses for an outbreak of AIDS (immunodeficiency syndrom).

Back in 2020 scientists warned that some COVID-19 vaccines could increase risk of HIV… Now 50 MILLION doses recalled after ‘false positives’ in HIV tests

Moderna launches clinical trial for HIV mRNA vaccine like in Covid shot

About a month later, people who received the COVID-19 shot were falsely testing positive for Syphilis...

Meanwhile, one third of adults being jabbed get an unknown disease

We must routinely consider coronavirus as a possible cause for unusual healthcare scenarios. [Science, Medscape, WHO, AP]

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  2. Hahahaha, stay away from doctors and hospitals. These shitdicks don’t care about humanity. If they can make money off your death, they’re all in. Stay healthy and exercise, eat properly, and get plenty of rest.

  3. All the kids with this hepatitis in the U.S. are here in Alabama, and they are ages 1-6, so very unlikely the COVID vaccines are the cause, since only the 6-year-old could have been vaccinated, and considering that Alabama is one of the least vaxxed states in the U.S., it’s absurd to try to blame this on the vaccines, but it seems the conspiracy theory crowd like to blame pretty much everything on the vaccines, kind of like how the Left blames every random weather event on climate change.
    I was fully vaxxed well over a year ago, had zero side effects of any kind, and still have high vaccine antibodies which have protected me as I lived life as normal, working, traveling all over, eating in restaurants, staying in hotels, going to lots of crowded indoor venues, being exposed to lots of infected people while taking no precautions, and I’ve never felt better. The Moderna vaccine has been awesome for me, and I’m in a very high-risk demographic group with a high infection fatality rate.

    • Sorry, I just don’t believe you. I know a guy that got the triple JAB. He is in worse condition in his life and is thinking of retiring but admitted to me he is NOT what he use to be.

    • The kids in Alabama were too young to be vaxxed, except for the one 6-year-old, who may or may not have been vaccinated, but vax rates here are among the lowest in the nation, so it seems unlikely.

  4. How ridiculous. Will autopsy show their livers all full of lymphocytes (just like their other internal organs)?
    Jabbing children is the worst travesty ever. Beneath contempt.

  5. “Unvaccinated” can mean 2 things. 1) they never had a jab. Or, 2) they hadn’t had all their jabs. Which is it?

    • In the case of the kids in Alabama, 8 out of 9 were too young to be vaccinated, so, they never had the “jab.”
      I wish people would stop blaming the vaccines for freaking everything that happens, with zero evidence. Funny how these conspiracy theories evolve. They’ll put one out there, milk it for all they can until people stop clicking on it, then they’ll move on to something else.
      Remember when the vaccines had tracking chips in them? How about the claim that the vaccines had tentacled creatures in them, or that the vaccines were made of 99% poisonous graphene oxide? Or that the vaccines would kill everyone who got them by destroying their immune systems? Now it gets even more ridiculous – now the claim is that COVID and/or the vaccines are made from snake venom that has been added to our water supplies. The more outrageous the claim, the greater the burden of proof. And I haven’t seen a shred of real evidence for any of this nonsense.
      Meanwhile, 12 billion jabs later, more than half the planet is vaccinated – and except for a relative few serious reactions, we are all fine.

  6. interesting to see the list of HIV in bibliography. AIDS was first injected into people in 1980s when gay men got vaccinated in a hepatitis trial. were all these vaccinated?

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