Top 9 College Activities You Should Have Been a Part Of


College life is more than just attending lectures and completing your assignments. It is about experiencing things you have never done before, making new friends, and discovering yourself.

Most colleges organize various cultural, social, and technical events where students can showcase their talent and learn new skills. While most students are eager to participate in such events, many stay away from them.

It is not just the fear of competing with other students that keep them from participating in these activities but also the lack of awareness about such events that stop them from participating. They miss out on several activities they should have been part of.

Student Groups

Student groups are a great way to learn something new and immerse yourself in a topic that interests you. For example, you can form an essay writing group with friends as an essay writer.

Plus, it looks great on your resume. Employers want to see that you have experience in the field you’re applying for. Even better, if you can show that you were an active member of a club related to your major and had some leadership roles, you’re even more attractive to future employers.

Some student groups are very active and require a lot of time commitment. Hence, make sure to pick one that fits your needs/interests and schedule.

Cultural activities

Attending cultural activities helps students to explore the world in a new way. The cultural activities are generally free of cost, which is a significant advantage because most students find it difficult to spend extra money on such activities. Cultural activities aim to improve a student’s communication skills, so it is always advisable for the students to participate in such events.


Sports are an integral part of college life. Playing various sports helps you stay fit and healthy. It also allows you to become more confident and active. Also, you get to learn how to work in a team when playing sports with your friends and peers. If you are not a sports person, try to watch a few games to help you develop an interest and passion for sports, which is good for your overall health and well-being.

Debates and discussions

Debates help you develop a critical analysis of various issues that affect our society and world. Discussing with your friends and faculty members about improving the state of affairs in the world can help you become more responsible towards society. You can even invite politicians or other influential people from different fields to discuss topics that concern us all.

Informational fairs and events

Get free stuff, a free meal, and information about campus student groups and services. If you’re not sure where to start, go to one. You can pick up lots of information and find new things you didn’t know existed.

Volunteer opportunities

There are many ways to volunteer in college, from working at a local hospital or community center to participating in fundraisers or raising awareness of important issues. College campuses often have their service organizations, including Campus Kitchens and Habitat for Humanity, and branch offices of national organizations such as the Red Cross.

Intramural sports teams

Intramural sports leagues offer a variety of team sports at all levels of competition, from super-competitive to just-for-fun. Many colleges also have club teams that compete against other schools and travel to different cities. You’ll get exercise and make friends while you play. Some intramural leagues offer unusual sports like quidditch from “Harry Potter” or even chess boxing.

Campus Activities Board

Board campus activities are fun to get involved with what’s happening on campus. You’ll be in charge of planning events like dances, movie nights, or concerts and ensuring everyone has a good time. You might even get to book famous bands or comedians – that could be your ticket to stardom.

Student Government

Leadership skills are essential for success in life and in your career. The best way to develop these skills is to hold an office in student government. Student government also allows you to directly influence changes on campus and give back to your fellow students.

Final Takeaway

Getting the most out of college means balancing studying, partying, and extracurricular. Many students get lost in the party scene or their studies. Thus, leaving little time for the activities will help them make friends, network, and find potential employers. Don’t let that be you. Try out these college activities and be part of the college experience.

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  1. I don’t know. When I was in college (35 years ago) I worked 24-32 hours a week, and my school work load was 50-60 hours per week. Made Dean’s Honors, and graduated. Then I went to work and started a business. Hit the books, work hard, and don’t fck around is what I say to any young people.

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