Could this explain the insane decisions of our governments? Cognitive impact of severe COVID equal to 20 years of brain aging

Cognitive impact of severe COVID equal to 20 years of brain aging
Cognitive impact of severe COVID equal to 20 years of brain aging

A new study has presented the most rigorous investigation to date into the long-term cognitive impacts of severe COVID-19.

The research, led by scientists from Imperial College London and the University of Cambridge, found persistent cognitive deficits in hospitalized patients equivalent to declines consistent with 20 years of brain aging.

That’s a lot!

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But what is specifically causing these persistent cognitive deficits, and do patients recover their cognitive capacities over longer periods of time? Those questions still remain without answers.

Does it get better over time? Scientists have seen some small signals of improvement in patients after long follow-up periods but at best any cognitive recovery is likely to be slow and gradual.

We followed some patients up as late as 10 months after their acute infection, so were able to see a very slow improvement,” said Menon. “While this was not statistically significant, it is at least heading in the right direction, but it is very possible that some of these individuals will never fully recover.

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Owing to the fact that many of the governing elites around the world got COVID, and how current critical events, among others the growing inflation and incoming recession, the food shortages, the wars (Ukraine and others), FAKE NEWS, are being handled, I am asking these easy-to-answer questions:

Could the results of this study explain the insane decisions of our governments? Are we governed by a bunch of senile and demented people? is now running ad-free CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK…If you send more than 25$, I will send you a small but beautiful gemstone…

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  1. I wouldn’t know. I never caught it and a friend in Penna who wrote twice that he was recovering from it made me sick–with the flu. but they told him it was covid. I follow German medical advice, not politically correct nazism-for-fun-and-profit of US researchers. German said 28% of non-smokers caught covid. but, smokers it was about 0.02% Researchers in China, Russia, and Japan have backed the research.

  2. Probably both can explain the cognitive degradation. On one hand we have the possibility of severe kung-flu causing brain damage, and on the other hand some people have brains that have been abused or injured from too many cocktails or drugs, slaps to the head, etc.
    Nobody has a legitimate kung-flu test in articles I have read, so it’s probably a hidden bioweapon payload. Sponge brain decline and death, or play Rx suicide shot roulette and get heart damage, stroke, bell’s palsy, still births, impotence, sterility, autoimmune and neurological damages, VAIDS.

    Light these demons up sweet Jesus.

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