What a coincidence! New Sri Lankan president and both UK PM candidates are part of the WEF program

WEF is taking the world over: Both UK PM candidates and new Sri Lanka president part of the World Economic Forum WEF
WEF is taking the world over: Both UK PM candidates and new Sri Lanka president part of the World Economic Forum WEF

The new Sri Lankan president is a WEF member:

New Sri Lankan president WEF member
New Sri Lankan president WEF member

The UK is up for another election, however it seems to be that both candidates are on the same side.

Both UK PM candidates are part of the WEF program
Both UK PM candidates are part of the WEF program

What a coincidence! They are taking the world one bite at a time. Next, we will check for Italy and then for every country where an influential and charismatic political person resigns or is dismissed…

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  1. WEF moving chess pieces. Expect more bioweapons used on peons. Expect civil unrest, food riots, economic collapse. Once millions die off from suicide shots, then they will use robots, and drones to kill of purebloods. Or capture and enslave.

    The satanic elitists will continue to inbreed their satanic bloodlines while killing off humanity, piece by piece. Looks like most institutions and political pawns are corrupted. It will only get exponentially worse with time.

    Looking for comets(hailstones)and Holy lightning more frequently. Most Ancient civilzations fell from corruption, perversion, currency manipulation. History will repeat iteslf.

    Isaiah 5:20 all day long.

  2. Dear friend …. coincidences do not exist … that was already planned based on time …… there must be demonic necromancers in the WEF as surely as there are also in The Economist who see time ahead in the future …. the question would be …. how far into the future can you see and how far from this time?

  3. Tried to open the Behold A Pale Horse article. Links me to Amazon. So figured I’d post here. Yes, I have read it. Had several copies. used to give them away. Back with Bush Jr. as President, they raided him down in AZ and killed him. When Bill Clinton was in office, he referred to Bill Cooper as the most dangerous man in America. So, he was definitely over the target. We did have bases on the Moon and Mars, but not because we backward engineered ET crashed UFO’s. We’re not smart enough. But they got rides from negative ET. Service to Self-beings. But those installations were abandoned because man lacks the technology to maintain off world bases. I understand they just abandoned all the folks they put on those bases so as not to have any witnesses running around on Earth. Back when Bill was still alive when I tried to access his web site, my whole screen would fill up with spam. Service to Self or negative ET are a minority. 90% of ET are Service to Others. Good folks. And neither group can have contact with you if you do not allow it. So, it’s contact not abduction. The controlled media always calls it abduction to scare folks into a negative opinion of ET because they fear contact and finding out truth about things by the common man. Hollywood always makes movies with ET as monsters, with the exception of ET.

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