What are they preparing? 90% of FAA weather cameras along US coasts were offline yesterday with lots of military aircrafts and helicopters flying over the US (video)

FAA weather cameras off and lots of army planes and copters flying
FAA weather cameras off and lots of army planes and copters flying. via Twitter

The FAA has shut down 90% of their east-facing cameras all across America. WHY?

Map of FAA weather cameras working... 90% were off along the US coasts on July 15, 2022. Picture via FAA
Map of FAA weather cameras working… 90% were off along the US coasts on July 15, 2022. Picture via FAA

Today, east coast cameras were still offf…

This is really suspicious. Almost every airport has these weather cameras. And now 90% are off?

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Meanwhile, somebody reported seeing lots of military helicopters flying over rural Mississippi, headed north: ‘We do maintain a flight of military helis at the local airport and an air base they train out of south in Columbus, but I’ve never seen a flight of them this big all at once haulin ass…

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Also Chinooks were doing low-lying exercises in Washington?

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Here another picture from North Carolina:

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Here a video:

Interesting! They are maybe covering movement of military assets for deployment…

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  1. Iran issues warning to US and Israel

    The Iranian military has warned the US and Israel against threatening the country after President Joe Biden said Washington would “use all elements of its national power” to prevent Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

    “The Americans and Zionists know very well the price for using the word ‘force’ against Iran,” Abolfazl Shekarchi, a spokesman for the Iranian Armed Forces, said on Friday, as quoted by local media.

    The official also aimed a personal jibe at Biden, questioning his cognitive capabilities and mocking the US military as a whole, with apparent references to multiple past run-ins between the Iranian and the American forces in the Persian Gulf.

    “Biden must have been drowsy when he threatened Iran,” Shekarchi said. “Watch your soldiers’ pants – they might get wet in the Persian Gulf!”

    The stern remarks came in response to threats made by Biden during his visit to Israel earlier this week. On Thursday, the US president and Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid signed a joint declaration on the two countries’ continued strategic partnership. WW3 starts from Iran and 246 times name of Iran
    said in Bible … If i am wrong research it.


  2. Probably not good news. Maybe they are looking for small nukes or bioweapons planted, and then blackmail/extortion aspect? Wild guess, only.

    Do you all remember a couple years back they did some supposed “military exercises” near downtown L.A., but that story was cover. They sent in a team, and took something out of a building and loaded it into the back of a vehicle. Like it was something dangerous. People speculated on what it might be.

    • First New York, than New Jersey and now this…I fully expect one of two things….Aliens or the possible nuking of the Eastern Seaboard of an Underwater Nuke 50-100 miles off the coast. The Nuke would cause a tsunami .5-1 mile high (depending on nuke size) and located between NY and DC.
      If the Madrid lets loose…Rockies to NewFoundland, Hudson Bay to Key West would look like a bowl of jelly.

  3. Martial Law before WW3 and starts from east coast and goes all over North America. We did predicted Sri Lanka fall months before here.We did say over 170 nation will fall as well.
    234 dead, thousands trapped without food, water or fuel; Haiti descends into chaos and anarchy
    Brutal gang violence, fuel shortages and soaring food commodity prices have brought the capital city of Port-au-Prince in Haiti to a halt. According to United Nations estimates, approximately 234 people have lost their lives or got hurt in the violence, with new reports of sexual violence also coming to light.

    According to deputy mayor Jean Hislain Frederick, the violence erupted in the Cite Soleil neighbourhood of the city last week (Thursday) when two rival gangs engaged in a bloody battle amongst themselves. Soon, the violence spread around and the entire city was in flames in no time. Dare not to Prepare

  4. Maybe they are expecting the New Madrid event. All the cameras off in areas to be affected to keep people from getting alarmed. Let’s see if they stay off.

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