Canada pushes ‘Known Traveller Digital Identity’ Program in Partnership with World Economic Forum (WEF)

KTDI program Known Traveller Digital Identity
KTDI program Known Traveller Digital Identity

The program is called the ‘Known Traveller Digital Identity,” and it’s not a theory! It’s here!

Here are the major partners of the KTDI program: WEF, Canada, Netherlands, etc…

Partners of KTDI program Known Traveller Digital Identity
Partners of KTDI program Known Traveller Digital Identity. via KTDI

As part of the project, Canada has developped the ArriveCAN app. According to their website: “You must use ArriveCAN to provide mandatory travel and public health information before and after your entry into Canada. ArriveCAN is not only keeping travellers safe, but is part of our ongoing efforts to modernize cross-border travel.

In other words, this app is ‘mandatory’ (not for Canadian citizens, and you can refuse using it, but you will probably have a hard time at the customs), so they can market “Known Traveler Digital Identity” as an optional convenient opt-in application, and make it mandatory later, maybe as a tie-in for ArriveCAN.

It will “not change anything, it’s only more convenient and economical, not a new breach of any human rights.

Here’s a CBSA officer showing how to avoid using it…

This guy wasn’t able to travel on Air Canada (partner of the program) because of KTDI…

Social rhetoric wouldn’t be able to justify accepting one and rejecting the other as mandatory.

Then features scope creep (an almost inevitable widening of a project’s scope) from “health compliance” to CO2 footprint, ultimately leading to social credits system.

The warnings have been here for at least a decade, and were successfully cast away as “conspiracy theories.”

People should look into the life conditions of industrial livestock to understand the risk humanity is facing.

This isn’t new and it isn’t limited to Canada

The internet is about to split into two.

On one side you will be fully verified and your digital identity will be directly correlated to your real identity and all of the goods and bads that go along with that.

The other side will be completely or nearly completely anonymous. Literarily as far away as verified identity as sites are willing to move.

The verified space will ultimately attract the largest portion of the money. Businesses and platforms will almost certainly prefer the verified identity space because of several reasons but one of the largest will be liability.

This has been inevitable for quite some time because the internet, and specifically advertising, is extremely profitable and humanity as a whole has shown that the dark side of humanity will use the anonymous nature of the internet to expand their group and pursue their goals.

Personally, I am not a big fan of the verified identity route but it is almost certainly the majority of the future of the internet.

I don’t worry about governments exploiting this data any more than they already do. Your current activity most likely is already unique enough for you to be identified without you ever revealing who you are IRL. The capability to track what you do, if “they” wanted, already exists now.

As an example, I’ll point you to a service like FingerPrint which can be defeated if you try but ultimately good enough for nearly all persons, way to identify someone in a unique manner without ever directly asking them any information. Note: browser fingerprinting is fairly low on the sophistication scale for this sort of indirect identity verification.

The real concern is how an actually malicious force would try to exploit this data and the underlying systems. Frankly, the infrastructure that runs the internet is not ready for the switch.

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