China: Yangtze River dries up, revealing 600-year-old Buddhist statues during the most severe heatwave ever recorded in the world


The relics emerged as the river dips to the lowest level in 150 years amid an unprecedented heatwave.

Yangtze River Dries Up, Revealing 600-Year-Old Buddhist Statues
Yangtze River Dries Up, Revealing 600-Year-Old Buddhist Statues
Yangtze River Dries Up, Revealing 600-Year-Old Buddhist Statues

Heatwave in China is the most severe ever recorded in the world

Low rainfall and record-breaking heat across much of China are having widespread impacts on people, industry and farming. River and reservoir levels have fallen, factories have shut because of electricity shortages and huge areas of crops have been damaged. The situation could have worldwide repercussions, causing further disruption to supply chains and exacerbating the global food crisis.

People in large parts of China have been experiencing two months of extreme heat. Hundreds of places have reported temperatures of more than 40°C (104°F), and many records have been broken. Subway stations have set up rest areas where people can recover from the heat.

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On 18 August, the temperature in Chongqing in Sichuan province reached 45°C (113°F), the highest ever recorded in China outside the desert-dominated region of Xinjiang. On 20 August, the temperature in the city didn’t fall below 34.9°C (94.8°F), the highest minimum temperature ever recorded in China in August. The maximum temperature was 43.7°C (110.7°F).

It is the longest and hottest heatwave in China since national records began in 1961. According to weather historian Maximiliano Herrera, who monitors extreme temperatures around the world, it is the most severe heatwave recorded anywhere.

“This combines the most extreme intensity with the most extreme length with an incredibly huge area all at the same time,” he says. “There is nothing in world climatic history which is even minimally comparable to what is happening in China.”

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Together with the extreme heat, low rainfall in parts of China has led to rivers falling to low levels, with 66 drying up completely. In parts of the Yangtze, water levels are the lowest since records began in 1865. In a few places, local water supplies have run out and drinking water has had to be trucked in. On 19 August, China announced a national drought alert for the first time in nine years.

Hydroelectricity generation has fallen because of the low water levels. Sichuan has been especially affected because it normally gets 80 per cent of its electricity from hydropower. Thousands of factories in the province have had to cease operations because of electricity shortages amid high demand for air conditioning. Offices and shopping malls were also told to reduce lighting and air conditioning to save power.

In Sichuan alone, 47,000 hectares of crops are reported to have been lost and another 433,000 hectares damaged. The agriculture ministry has said it will try to increase rainfall by seeding clouds. It remains scientifically unclear whether cloud seeding makes a significant difference.

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China is far from the only place affected by drought. Europe is having what may be its worst drought in 500 years. There is also a drought in the Horn of Africa, and across much of the US and Mexico.

Lower crop yields in these regions could worsen the global food crisis. Global food prices hit record levels even before Russia invaded Ukraine, and though they have fallen since March, they remain higher than in previous years. However, China has built up large grain reserves in recent years, so it can make up for some shortfall.

Across Europe, hunger stones, los cities and WWII ships are emerging as rivers and lakes recede.

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  1. Evidently that river was down long enough for someone the carve those statues out of the rock ‘600 years ago.’ I wonder what caused the level to be so low for that long WAAAAAY back then?

  2. Exactly! The economic consequences of the extreme weather worldwide, being deliberately caused, defies any logic. Whether good or evil intentions are considered. The increasing Earth Wobble due to the approach of Nibiru or Planet X. Extremes are just getting started. Geoengineering is a Deep State/Cabal hoax. They are delaying for as long as possible, the common man catching on.

  3. China plunges into self-inflicted darkness
    China’s spreading and debilitating power crunch is rooted largely in a trade war with Australia that has depleted coal supplies .
    China’s power crunch threatens to upend global supply chains and accentuate shortages of goods during the gift-giving Christmas and New Year holidays.

    Factories in China’s manufacturing hub of Guangdong are under heavy pressure to complete orders by October amid concerns limited power supplies will be diverted to households and essential services when the winter cold season takes hold. We do not like China because is keep go out of order … we want all jobs gone come back to USA …

    • Exactly! Funny how this ‘man made crisis’ is uncovering man made relics. You have these statues and you have the ‘famine’ stones in Europe that read “If you see this, weep” (not an exact quote) and were carved in the 1630’s. Hmm. That’s 400 years ago which means it was during the Maunder Minimum just coming into the mini ice age. This is just going to get worse as the GSM won’t hit it peak until around 2050 then it will be a slow climb out of the well.

      These so called ‘elites’ know exactly what’s going on if they have ANY knowledge of history and actual science. They are just using it to bamboozle the gullible into giving them power and ..well… more power. (They actually don’t need more money.)

  4. Well, the drought revealed an old Buddhist statue. We get dead bodies in 55 gallon drums when water receeds here, and dinosaur tracks. If first world countries collapse, then the third world is caput. Seed the clouds or build desalinization plants is my broken record response.

    • Or all this weather modification has caused these problems. You can’t just seed clouds. It’s not that simple and it’s not man made climate change. Convince us any policy is worth the economic consequences and will achieve results. They lied about this pandemic, they lie about everything. Why would they suddenly be telling us the truth?

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