In videos: A new eruption in Iceland at Meradalir, unrest at Iwo Jima


This week, a new volcanic eruption began in Iceland at Meradalir. The fissure eruption has already began to construct a cinder cone at a higher rate than witnessed in the 2021 eruption.

Meanwhile, in Japan, the Iwo Jima volcano and caldera produced a new series of explosive and shallow submarine eruptions.

And, also in Japan, another island volcano was placed on a heightened alert level due to seismic unrest.

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Here some things to add to your disaster & preparedness kit:

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  1. Wonder how solar power works when sun is obscured by volcanic ash and fallout?
    It doesn’t. I have had monsoons for two weeks. My solar power runs low, and I have to run my gas generator to invert power to the solar batteries. Usually, for 1-2 hours at dusk. Pain in the ass, but I’m not tied to the grid, so the power can’t be shut off. Still, it is a pain. Soon enough the new batteries will be here, and a new inverter for 48v system. Then a 3rd icebox for more food storage, and a/c can run all day and night. I win.

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