It doesn’t surprise me that BESTIALITY is LEGAL in Finland


Bestiality is the activity of humans having sex with other animals.

It is legal in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, Russia, Finland, Hungary, Turkey and Romania, and illegal in most other countries.

Here’s a map for European countries:

Map of legality of bestiality in Europe. Beware! This is a Wikipedia map, but still more or less right... LOOK AT GERMANY: Illegal if the animal is not forced...
Map of legality of bestiality in Europe. Beware! This is a Wikipedia map, but still more or less right… LOOK AT GERMANY: Illegal if the animal is not forced… More info at this link: Tier im Recht

As clearly observable on the map, bestiality is still legal in Finland (a nice glowing GREEN color). And that fact doesn’t surprise me at all.

It seems that the beautiful SANNA MARIN (yes, she is pretty hot!) is more at music festivals and partying (with drugs? and alcool) instead of leading the country (… And when she takes decisions, they are totally non-sense, i.e. NATO).

And this picture of two women kissing and lifting their tops at a party at her official residence.

Finland partygate August 2022
Finland partygate August 2022

Pretty strong image of what’s going on behind the scene, no? Sex, drug and rock-and-roll…

SANNA MARIN should contact Boris… He’s also a partygate specialist… [Yle, Tier im Recht, RationalWiki]



  1. well I am sad to say that Canada under Justine Castro quietly approved beastiality several years ago too – totally depraved satanic behavior – may GOD have mercy on all our souls

  2. For those who believe there is nothing wrong between same sex partners, sex with animals, sex with children and sex with anyone that comes along, you can do all of that but know God does not approve. It’s not my place to judge and condemn. That belongs to God and He will do the judging and condemning as is His right. God won’t even fource you to accept and follow Him. But in the end He will be the judge, jury and executioner. Really, that’s all up to you. He knocks on your door wishing to save you. But you have to open the door for Him to enter. So, as it was during the time of Noah, so it shall be at the time before the end. Noah went through the destruction of the Earth by water because the people had turned away from God. Well, sad to say, many have turned away from God and persecuting those who do their honest best to follow God. Mankind had two chances to follow God. The first in Edin, the second with Noah and the third is poised to occur soon. The wheat is being seperated from the tares and the tares are destined to be consumed/destroyed. Choose whom ye shall serve and don’t tarry, because when the third chance occurs it will be too late to make that decision and if it’s not for God He won’t be able to save you. Time’s not up but it will be soon so don’t waste your only opportunity.

  3. Finland’s days in the future, are very bleak. I wouldn’t give a bucket of urine for their future. Sow to the wind, reap the whirlwind. Worse than Sodom & Gomorrah

  4. Sex with animals is degenerate reprobate heathen behavior. That is being a bad shepherd. God Almighty does not approve of beastiality or sodomite/lesbianism.

    I don’t care if young people party. Most young people do that. The important thing is prioritizing work. After the responsibilities are completed, then young people can party in a sensible manner. Buttmonkey-pox Orgies, drug abuse, too much alcohol is NOT sensible. Dont fck animals either!

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