Well climate scaremongers! It seems that the current megadrought is nothing compared to the YEAR_LONG unprecedented European heat and drought of 1540

The year-long unprecedented European heat and drought in 1540
The year-long unprecedented European heat and drought of 1540

The heat waves of 2003 in Western Europe and 2010 in Russia, commonly labelled as rare climatic anomalies outside of previous experience, are often taken as harbingers of more frequent extremes in the global warming-influenced future.

However, a recent reconstruction of spring-summer temperatures for WE resulted in the likelihood of significantly higher temperatures in 1540.

In order to check the plausibility of this result we investigated the severity of the 1540 drought by putting forward the argument of the known soil desiccation-temperature feedback.

Based on more than 300 first-hand documentary weather report sources originating from an area of 2 to 3 million km2, we show that Europe was affected by an unprecedented 11-month-long Megadrought.

The estimated number of precipitation days and precipitation amount for Central and Western Europe in 1540 is significantly lower than the 100-year minima of the instrumental measurement period for spring, summer and autumn.

This result is supported by independent documentary evidence about extremely low river flows and Europe-wide wild-, forestand settlement fires. We found that an event of this severity cannot be simulated by state-of-the-art climate models. [UniBe]

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  1. This is weather manipulation from the jewish satanists who own all central banks on Earth. Nowhere on Earth is global warming just in Europe and USA.

  2. Droughts and heatwaves are normal cycles. Perhaps there is geoengineering, and perhaps there is stellar or space influence on approach. Not sure, however the amount of floods, snows, and rain storms vs droughts doesn’t make sense to me.

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