Oil supply is tightest, US strategic reserves at 38 years low

Oil supply is tightest, US strategic reserves at 38 years low
Oil supply is tightest, US strategic reserves at 38 years low

What’s happening here is we’re deliberately flooding the world’s oil supply in order to drop prices. There’s two big reasons for this:

  • Americans spend more at the pump than most countries’ people. They drive bigger cars, but more significantly, they drive much farther. So the impact of high gas prices is felt more here, and the government has reasons to want it lower.
  • More importantly, Russia right now is trying to fund a war we want them to lose, and most of their funding comes from selling oil & oil derivatives. We can’t make every country in the world sanction Russia, in particular China and India don’t really have an interest in doing so. But we can undercut Russia by opening our reserves, so those countries buy our oil instead, and leave Russia without a market.

If anyone is interested in where this oil is stored, you’ll find this link explaining it very interesting.

Meanwhile, India and China are now reselling natural gas it bought from Russia to Europe at 4x the price… That’s big business!

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  1. The strategic oil reserves should never have been depleted. Our fraudulently elected dirtbag-in-chief made a poor chess move. It would be better to open up drilling leases, keystone pipeline, and quit manipulation in the markets. Screw all you communist shitdicks and perverts that voted for this fckin imbecile!

  2. By the way – screw Ukraine, (gay-op color revolutioned by Obama’s jewish lackeys) and screw oil companies – and screw the toxic inefficient electric cars and windmills killing raptors worldwide. Oh yeah, and the global warming lies. Funny you hear nothing about the greenland ice mass increasing drastically in summer.

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