Where have they all gone? Alaska snow crab season canceled as officials investigate mysterious disappearance of an estimated 1 billion crabs – Unprecedented 90% drop in population


Fukushima, My Love…

Alaska snow crab harvest canceled for first time ever
Alaska snow crab harvest canceled for first time ever as population decreases by 90% mysteriously!

In a major blow to America’s seafood industry, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has, for the first time in state history, canceled the winter snow crab season in the Bering Sea due to their falling numbers. While restaurant menus will suffer, scientists worry what the sudden population plunge means for the health of the Arctic ecosystem.

An estimated one billion crabs have mysteriously disappeared in two years, state officials said. It marks a 90% drop in their population.

Did they run up north to get that colder water?” asked Gabriel Prout, whose Kodiak Island fishing business relies heavily on the snow crab population. “Did they completely cross the border? Did they walk off the continental shelf on the edge there, over the Bering Sea?

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Ben Daly, a researcher with ADF&G, is investigating where the crabs have gone. He monitors the health of the state’s fisheries, which produce 60% of the nation’s seafood.

Disease is one possibility,” said Daly. He also points to climate change. (LOL!) According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Alaska is the fastest warming state in the country, and is losing billions of tons of ice each year — critical for crabs that need cold water to survive.

Environmental conditions are changing rapidly,” Daly said. “We’ve seen warm conditions in the Bering Sea the last couple of years, and we’re seeing a response in a cold adapted species, so it’s pretty obvious this is connected. It is a canary in a coal mine for other species that need cold water.

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Prout said that there needs to be a relief program for fisherman, similar to programs for farmers who experience crop failure, or communities affected by hurricanes or flooding.

When asked what fishermen can do in this situation, with their livelihoods dependent on the ocean, Prout responded, “Hope and pray. I guess that’s the best way to say it.” [CBS]

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    • Crab are bottom feeders. So are halibut. Are halibut dying off? What other scavneger and bottom feeder fish species are having die offs?

  1. This is unprecedented if what they say is true. That also means the ocean will get more rotted and polluted an these creatures cleaned up the oceans. It’s like losing 90% of your garbagemen. Think about what will happen next as an analogy. You’ll read about it pretty soon!

  2. Fukishima is the cause of the crab disappearance….period!… full-stop! Take your global warming lies and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine. The remains of the Fukishima disaster have been dumping billions of gallons of highly radioactive water into the Pacific for almost 12 years now, since at least three reactors melted down after the tsunami back in March of 2011. They’ve been having mass die-offs of various forms of sea life all over the Pacific including the US West Coast since, while governments have carefully concealed these facts. I remember a game fish survey that was done off the coast of California several years ago, where they caught fish from all up and down the coast of CA and took samples, only to find they ALL had significant amounts of radiation in their bodies. Many also had visible sores on their bodies and cancerous tumors in their organs. Of course, the entire survey and it’s results were then quickly and carefully memory-holed. Elevated atmospheric radiation levels have also regularly been recorded all along the West Coast, Canada, Alaska and even into the mid-West of the US at times. Since the 24/7 radiation release continues to this day, the situation is going to get nothing but worse.

    • There’s been die offs in Hudson Bay and East Coast as well. I’m not disagreeing that the radiation is not a bad deal. But the Pacific is the ring of fire and there are a lot of volcanos and plate movement going on. Produces heat. This is why the Poles have been melting from the bottom up. And of course, methane and electromagnetic energies as well. The rare Oar Fish is not rising and being found on beaches because of radiation.

      • Yeah I agree.Both coasts have methane deposits.The Hudson is quite deep and routinely has a noticeable anoxic water column effect.
        Southern Central Cali has the cascadia fault zone that also has lots of venting methane.
        Wonder if this is similar to bee colony colapse.There was a problem but they discovered that many of the bees didn’t die they left and created other colonies.
        Is it possible the crabs did the same?We used to have a joke that really wasn’t a joke.Deer knew when it was hunting season.You
        Would see loads of them until the first day of hunting season.At which point they would scatter like a fart in a whirlwind.

  3. Never was big on snow craps. The King Crab is where the meat is anyways. I used to make my grandma little snow crap sandwiches on the croissant. She loved it. I would make her lobster and clams every week after she broke her hip too.

    Well that’s bad news for those fishermen/fisheries. Suppose it will be a long drunken Winter now?

  4. What if it’s b/c there are many earthquakes happening on the ring of fire? Underwater volcanoes could also cause the ocean to warm.
    Also, the bible mentions how the animals in the ocean will die. Just like all those whales that recently washed on shore.
    I personally think it’s b/c of increased seismic activity.
    Every single article is climate change this,climate change that. Climate change is just a way for them to charge you $$$ and brain wash you into doing what they want you to do.

    • Rachelle,
      You nailed it I believe. In the last few years there have been large fish die-offs all over the world. West Coast of the USA. East Coast. Hudson Bay. Etc. Anyway, the Tectonic Plates are in motion as the many large quakes show. This causes a release of methane and other energies link EMP. I have seen satellite photos showing many large methane vents just off the West Coast. The Earth Changes/Earth Wobble is causing all this. We are living the End Times as described in the Bible. The Spin Doctors come up with all sorts of things to blame on Man, but these are all natural events of End Times. Pole Shift is part of this. Extreme Weather is part of this. I don’t disagree that pollution and dumping radiation from Japan is helping. But the main cause is Wormwood in the Bible or Planet X/Nibiru as most refer to it.

    • being a grower for 50 years, without question it is getting warmer, no question.
      at this point pointing blame is for boneheads because it wont change, especially because the industrial marketing complex is making a fortune in carbon credits and mandates for electric vehicles. The oil companies are turning huge profits due to the government sanctions that raise the price of oil. You cannot change it so quit pointing fingers and bitching about it , open your eyes and adapt.

    • I don’t know the reason for the crab disappearance, but I agree with you about the Bible, Rachelle. Most people on earth have abandoned their Creator…and don’t even believe He exists. Nor do they have a love for the truth.

      I think things are going to get so bad down here that people everywhere are going to cry out to Him very soon. People will see the supernatural…and it will be terrifying. The Bible explains all of this…and time is almost up. “Now” is the time for people to humble their hearts, seek God, and obey His laws. Not later, when it’s too late.

  5. By collapsing the global domestic and wild food supplies makes it much easier to control those populations thinking they can survive in the wild when the current system goes away only to learn the hard way that there’s no more food left to survive on outside normal civilized society.

  6. Its really not a mystery…..500 Chinese trawlers and crabbers vacuuming up the oceans as they traverse it…nothing alive is thrown back…its all protein……..

  7. The first picture on this page shows a fisherman holding a KING crab. The second picture is one of a SNOW crab. BIG difference. Are they saying that BOTH species have disappeared?

  8. It is a bad thing. There is one comment here that we need to say “No” to. That is called a relief program. Stop asking the government to intervene in everything. They overload everything with administrators and waste tax money. If you want to provide relief then crowd fund something. Overall though do what the rest of people do when their job is no longer working out. Look for other work. Adapt. Maybe crowd fund some people actually finding out what is happening and avoid paying these climate change junk “scientists”. They don’t keep an open mind or biases out of “THE” science. Get someone that is willing to go wherever the data leads and look for solutions not opportunities to pander. LEAVE THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF IT. They are where most of our problems come from.

  9. There’s also this thing called a Grand Solar Minimum which happens every 400 years and, every 400 years Alaska warms up while the lower 48 goes cold. The jet streams go out of flow. This is no normal 400 year GSM though. We are entering a super GSM where 2 cycles converge. The Eddy Minimum will last longer than the normal GSM.

  10. Most likely Fuku radiation, but the “electric Jew” (TV) will NEVER mention that.
    Unrelated: we’re at the end game for this whole FRN fake money racket, so plan on a massive false flag blamed on Christian Russia by you know who to segue us into their Orwellian cbdc scam very soon.

  11. @ .50cal. Yes, I believe that. It sounds like sound advice. Few people know that we have 9\11 but in Japan they have something called 3/11. That’s when Fukushima happened, and it has been producing super radioactive water since 2011..perhaps billions of gallons…for over a decade…and they have been dumping it (or letting it leak) into the ocean this whole time. Of course, people are more interested in the Dodgers. But I do not claim to know what happened to the crabs.

    @ Anonymous Person …well said.

    The war against humanity comes from every angle imaginable.

    • They recently dumped huge amounts of water into the ocean, not good and yes I think thats why they are no longer there.

  12. Poisoning of air and water worldwide. Fish are dying en masse in Poland and elsewhere (Tim Truth on Odysee reveals so). Those who want everyone to either become autistic/developmentally damaged, intersex or get the MOTB shots/other MOTB forms (and plugged into the digital lake of fire known as the Metaverse) want humans to live on soylent green, gyphosate, MRNA vaxx GMO foods and everything to be purchased with MOTB Biometric I.D.s from Pfizer/AstraZeneca/Moderna/J&J/Jansen/etc. T-Mobile is funding biometric I.D. passports with the WHO and everyone’s freaking out over democrats on Faux News and MSNBC (both are owned by the same company – Comcast or CONcast) to ignite everlasting political rage, war, and violence as the MOTB devours the world. If Desantis had anything against the MOTB he would’ve halted all C0VID vaxx distribution in Florida but his handler vaxx daddy says “Get the shots! I get them, they’re good” and kings/queens got changed to governors and politicians.

  13. First thing I thought too was Fukishima. Pre Covid and eat see bugs great reset. BUT STILL part of their plan…

      • Overhere,
        had a friend that owned a tackle shop back a few decades ago. There was news about local fish and PCB’s. So, I asked him what he thought. He said, the oceans are so vast, and the currents are strong. It would be hard to have heavy contamination on PCB’s. He did say, when you gut a fish always check for tumorous growths, and don’t eat those, only the healthy fish.

        Radioactive materials are more severe. Mercury is also another issue. Neither is good. Moderation on fish is my rule.

  14. It’s not “climate change.” Another attack on the food supply is more than likely. Beef, pork, deer, poutry have all been attacked. So, fish and crustaceans are next up. Satanic elitists are probably to blame. That’s why they are pushing unhealthy diet of bugs. They are also pushing cannibalism. Why? They are demented psychopaths and perverts.

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