Africa drought: Hundreds of elephants, zebras die as Kenya weathers drought


Hundreds of animals, including elephants and endangered Grevy’s zebras, have died in Kenyan wildlife preserves during East Africa’s worst drought in decades, according to a report released Friday.

The Kenya Wildlife Service and other bodies counted the deaths of 205 elephants, 512 wildebeests, 381 common zebras, 51 buffalos, 49 Grevy’s zebras and 12 giraffes in the past nine months, the report states.

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Parts of Kenya have experienced four consecutive seasons of inadequate rain in the past two years, with dire effects on people and animals, including livestock.

The worst-affected ecosystems are home to some of Kenya’s most-visited national parks, reserves and conservancies, including the Amboseli, Tsavo and Laikipia-Samburu areas, according to the report’s authors.

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They called for an urgent aerial census of wildlife in Amboseli to get a broader view of the drought’s impact on wild animals there.

Other experts have recommended the immediate provision of water and salt licks in impacted regions. Elephants, for example, drink 240 litres (63.40 gallons) of water per day, according to Jim Justus Nyamu, executive director of the Elephant Neighbors Center.

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  1. Very sad that they cause this problem playing God is evil to nature.! They are causing drought all over the world cause water is life and they want to take that from you! If they want rain just cloud seed! But this drought is done on purpose very sad and many sleep till it effects them be to late then!wake up people!

    • It’s what satanic elitists do. They bring misery. That is spiritual currency to them. God will pour a cup of wrath on them.

      • “Spiritual currency”. That is a very good way of describing what they do. It is going to pay off big for them but not the way they think! They will drink from the cup of His wrath poured out full strength! And He will pour out the 7 vials of His Wrath (Revelation 16) upon those who take the mark of the beast after the 7 trumpets are sounded. This is going to happen very soon, this decade most probably, after we who love the Lord Jesus Christ are removed to meet Him in the air (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17). The Creator will not allow the wickedness of all that is the agenda 2030. It is the very plan of antichrist and will not succeed.

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