Amazing videos: Small asteroid discovered only hours earlier disintegrates over Canada

Small asteroid explodes over Canada on November 19, 2022
Small asteroid explodes over Canada on November 19, 2022

This morning, a small asteroid, which had been discovered only hours earlier, struck Earth’s atmosphere and completely disintegrated over Canada. An automated camera at the CN Tower in Toronto captured the fireball.

Astronomer David Rankin found the space rock in survey images taken at Mt. Lemmon, Arizona.

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The observations triggered a warning of an imminent impact.

Seven observatories were able to photograph the sub-meter object before it impacted the Earth’s atmosphere on Nov. 19th at approximately 08:27 UTC over Brantford, Ontario, Canada.

According to the European Space Agency (ESA), this is only the sixth time in history that a global asteroid alert gave astronomers time to observe an incoming space rock before it struck our planet.

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“This capability is rapidly improving,” says ESA.

More than 33 eyewitness reports have been submitted to the American Meteor Society from as far south as Maryland in the USA. Most reports are concentrated around Niagara Falls.

asteroid disintegrates over Canada on November 19 2022
asteroid disintegrates over Canada on November 19 2022. AMS

Experienced observers say the fireball’s peak brightness was between magnitude -10 and -20. For comparison, a full Moon has an apparent magnitude of about -12.5.

The Minor Planet Center has posthumously designated this asteroid 2022 WJ1.

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Well it seems to me that we aren’t well protected against any space rocks as we aren’t able to detect them on time… [MPEC, AMS, Space Weather]

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  1. It’s a deception. The military is dropping sh— from high altitude airplanes (c130), like they always have them make sure it’s filmed or photographed. Just to keep people thinking we’re in space and not under the dome.

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