As avian influenza outbreaks reach record numbers in US, CDC warns some people should take preventive measures to protect against bird flu viruses


I was just wondering how the establishment would be trying to ruin our Christmas this year… Here you go! Bird flu is everywhere and decimate egg and meat farms and businesses. It’s a deliberate attack on our food system and industry…

On Monday, the deadly bird flu virus was detected in a large commercial egg-laying farm with 1.1 million birds and the spread doesn’t seem to be going away like with the last major bird flu outbreak in 2015.

The situation across England is so out-of-control that orders to keep all captive birds and poultry indoors are being extended across the whole of country from next week as it faces the largest ever outbreak of bird flu

Over time, the risk of spillover into humans increases. This is an interesting outbreak for sure. Media not talking much about it. They probably don’t want to say, governments are doing it on purpose and  deliberately attack our food system and industry…

bird flu outbreak USA 2022
Record-breaking bird flu outbreak across the US in 2022

As bird flu outbreaks in wild birds and poultry continue across the U.S., the country approaches a record number of birds affected compared to previous bird flu outbreaks.

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Since early 2022, more than 49 million birds in 46 states have either died as a result of bird flu virus infection or have been culled (killed) due to exposure to infected birds.

This number is nearing the 50.5 million birds in 21 states that were affected by the largest bird flu outbreak that occurred in 2015. Even so, the number of states affected in 2022 is already more than double the number of states that were affected in 2015.

The unseasonable return of avian influenza or bird flu continues to wreak havoc on the US poultry industry. Iowa agriculture officials announced Monday that the first infection since April was detected at a large commercial egg-laying farm.

Although the overall risk to the general public from the current bird flu outbreaks remains low, it is important that people take preventive measures around infected or potentially infected birds/poultry to prevent the spread of bird flu viruses to themselves or to other birds/poultry and other animals, including pets.

This applies not just to workplace or wildlife settings but potentially to household settings where people have backyard flocks or pet birds with potential exposures to wild or domestic infected birds.

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To prevent infection, people should avoid unprotected contact with wild or domestic birds and poultry that look sick or have died. Bird flu infections in people happen most often after close, prolonged, and unprotected (no gloves or other protective wear) contact with infected birds or surfaces contaminated with bird flu viruses. If contact cannot be avoided, people should minimize contact with wild birds or sick or dead poultry by taking the following precautions:

  • Wear personal protective equipment (PPE), like disposable gloves, boots, an N95 respirator if available, or if not available, a well-fitting facemask (e.g., a surgical mask), and eye protection.
  • Avoid touching your mouth, nose, or eyes during and after contact with birds or surfaces that may be contaminated with saliva, mucous or feces from wild or domestic birds/poultry.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water after touching birds/poultry.
  • Change your clothes before contact with healthy domestic poultry and after handling wild birds, captive wild birds, farmed birds, and other pet birds. Then, throw away the gloves and facemask, and wash your hands with soap and water.

How will Christmas be impacted as farmers are forced to cull their stock?

For backyard poultry or bird owners, take measures to keep your bird(s) from becoming infected with bird flu virus, which can be deadly.

Infected birds shed avian influenza A viruses in their saliva, mucous and feces. Susceptible birds become infected when they have contact with the virus as it is shed by infected birds.

This can happen through direct contact with infected waterfowl or other infected poultry, or through contact with surfaces that have been contaminated with virus. Avian influenza A viruses are very contagious among birds, and some of these viruses can sicken and even kill certain domesticated bird species, including chickens, ducks and turkeys.

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CDC has been monitoring for illness among people exposed to bird flu virus-infected birds since these outbreaks were first detected in U.S. wild birds and poultry in late 2021. To date, bird flu viruses have been found in U.S. commercial and backyard poultry in 44 states and in wild birds in 46 states since early 2022.

The centerpiece of your Thanksgiving meal is going to cost a lot more this year, largely due to a turkey shortage driven by an avian flu outbreak.

CDC has tracked the health of more than 5,190 people with exposures to bird flu virus-infected birds with one case reported. Information on the person in the U.S. who tested positive for bird flu earlier this year can be found in the associated spotlight and press release.

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CDC continues to monitor the current situation and risk to the general public. Sporadic human infections with bird flu viruses in the U.S. resulting from close contact with infected birds/poultry would not be surprising given past human infections that have occurred in other countries after exposure to infected birds.

Meanwhile, orders to keep all captive birds and poultry indoors are being extended across the whole of England from next week as the country faces the largest ever outbreak of bird flu.

This would not significantly change CDC’s risk assessment. However, if person-to-person spread with this virus were to occur, that would raise the public health threat. Note that sustained person-to-person spread is needed for a pandemic to occur.

It is important for people to continue taking precautions around infected and potentially infected birds/poultry to help reduce the risk of bird flu virus infections in people. [CDC] has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK

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  1. faucis gain of function scientists have already infected poultry with this bird flu, to humans as well.

    Never heard about this Respiratory syncytial (sin-SISH-uhl) virus untill two months ago. once again in vaccinated children.

    But dont fear pfizer made another jab for rsv too.

    Jim on the jabbed.

    And like dr faustus, anthony fauci sold his soul to the devil of hell for gain of function research.

  2. CDC = Catbox Debate Club. The American people are being herded like sheep. They better stop worshipping their CFR programmed tellievision sets as if it were their long dead great grandmother.

  3. If you contract ANY virus, it can usually be stopped by taking Elderberry or zinc & quercetin. I would save the Ivermectin for the big stuff, as quercetin does pretty much the same thing (IF you have zinc in your system) & is available in most health food stores. Taking a dose at the first sign of infection (sore throat &/or achy body) can stop the process before it really gets started. These can stop the replication of most viruses so they cannot spread throughout your body & hijack your cells. Keep these on hand for you & your families. You should also keep plenty of vitamin c in time release & crystal form, as it can cure most anything if taken in large enough doses for about 2 weeks. We may see a lot more viral attacks in the near future & these things can be life savers.

  4. My outdoor chickens are fine!
    I think this is overblown by fake bogus tests and needless killing of perfectly healthy birds. Why don’t they ever just leave them alone and let natural immunity run its course.
    The commercial birds are not very healthy since they cram thousands of them in enclosed spaces with no sunlight and feed them GMO garbage..

    • Mike,
      I spotted a rabbit of my west acres a few minutes ago. I plan on eating it for lunch. Back legs and rump. The owls can have the rest. Too many sharp bones for me, but the parts I eat are excellent if cooked slow n’ low.

  5. 100% bullshit, there is no avian flu virus or any contagious viruses of any kind, this is all fear mongering.

    • It happens every year. It could be another sickness that mimics avian flu too. Nobody is releasing much information about it. If it is one of those zoonotic gain-of-function designer depopulation bioweaponized virus, then it will be very interesting to see how it is made. It is kind of a twofer. Kill the food source and the rancher/poultry personnel? Alot of the food producing facilities have had “catastrophic” incidents recently too. Can’t jump to conclusions though.

  6. Redchinesey have been experimenting with zoonotic virus and avian flu. I mentioned it over a year ago.

    Wild birds spread this crap during migration. Usually, it gets worse in Winter.

      • Also, the turkey raised on commercial farms taste like crap. Raise your own, and you will be able to easily taste the difference.

      • How does soy tofu turkey – ToFurky – sound? CAFOs are very bad, but they were created because of Codex Alimentarius and massive restrictions by USA govt – which still allows LITERAL “garbage feeding” and plastics to be fed to livestock, in most states. Organic farming is being criminalized – as p0rno fanfiction isn’t being criminalized as it’s “normal” now for kids to write about sx organs on global websites. Sick world our youth live in.

      • We had a Guinea for Thanksgiving our first year on the property. All dark meat and absolutely DELICIOUS!
        All cooked on a two burner wood stove evn!

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