What an incredibly coincidental convenience! The WMEAT (World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers) was repealed beginning of this year and we will never know how much money the US has laundered in Ukraine…


This interesting Tweet was published by Sharyl Attkinson a few days ago:

Ukraine war bills WMEAT
Ukraine war bills WMEAT

Like her, you are probably asking yourself if there is a simple reference showing how many $ US tax payers have ‘volontarly’ given to Ukraine, for what and how each dollar has been spent so far…

The answer is simple… There was one until 2021… BUT, the WMEAT (World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers) was repealed beginning of this year.

According to State.gov:

WMEAT 2021, which the Department of State published in December 2021, is the final edition of World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers (WMEAT).

Section 5114(b)(4) of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022 repealed the 1994 statutory provision that required the Department of State to publish an edition of WMEAT every year.

Consistent with this repeal, the Department of State will cease to produce and publish WMEAT.

Until 2021, the U.S. State Department was required to publish an annual list of arms sales to foreign countries. Now, they can do whatever they want…

In other words, we will never know how much money the US has laundered in Ukraine…

What an incredibly coincidental convenience! Nothing to see here. Move along now kids. [State]

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  1. They are out to kill we the citizens.Dont any of you see this?
    Nazi Germany won.Its taken seventy years of working behind the scenes.Hey give the devil his due they learned from their mistakes.Its done quietly.
    Disbelieve it and or me.
    Germany flooded other countries borders with refugees to overwhelm the other countries systems.Their was poverty and misery the German country created and exploited.Covid despite being a natural disease was attempted to be used to usher in Marshall law.It failed this time.
    Destruction of the US family through multiple methods.With attempts at control through the child gestapo aka cps.Since they have taken to call this the homeland and have repealed roe vs wade.We now have massive numbers of women to be used as breeders you know for the homeland.
    Allowing our southern borders to remain wide open while we send our weapons and money to Ukraine.
    Fight back get branded a terrorist and traitor.
    Our forefathers are doing more than rolling in their Graves.
    If I hear one more person say keep your powder dry it’s not the time I will scream.
    When the hell will it be time?When the enemy has won
    See the similarities yet or am I talking to thin air

  2. Another silent war you won’t see on YouTube or your local newspaper: https://rumble.com/v1ah9fa-yuval-noah-harari-humans-are-hackable-animals.html

    Various Postvaxx seizures/extreme stuttering appear to be A.I. control of human speech and bodily movements, seen on computer databases for each victim, similar to a player controlling a video game character. “Changing and upgrading” humans into whiteklot nanowire cyborgs with new “Godlike powers”, who’ll behave just like zombies since Holy Spirit has abandoned them. “Mental Illness” = Demon Possession, not chemical imbalances. Age of Autism refused my comments telling them that viruses and “mental illness” does not exist, telling them all supposed “mental illness” is D.P., not chemical imbalances to be “fixed” by arse shots, psych drugs, coercion, and pharmakeia.

    “Feelings” being “biochemical Alga rhythms”?

    The sorcery of carbon nanotubes in the brain: https://rumble.com/vxywe3-yuval-noah-harari-humans-are-hackable-animals…directly-connecting-brains-.html

    Brave Neurodiverse World strikes again! https://rumble.com/v17ivhb-the-jabbed-are-about-to-get-very-violent.html


    Heartbreaking: https://rumble.com/v15babp-autism-made-in-the-usa-2009-documentary.html

    The mental hospital industry is exploding thanks to severe, regressive and violent ASDs and meltdowns/property destruction: https://rumble.com/vszl09-vaxxed-from-cover-up-to-catastrophe-2016-documentary.html

    “Celebrating” Neurodiversity: https://rumble.com/v1nx7ka-every-liberal-retard-and-their-spirit-being-supercut.html

    With the mass destruction, idiocy, immaturity, and hiveminds of American youth, I believe the Japanese/Chinese/Koreans are about to dominate the USA and its culture and jobs at any given moment. Brought to U$ by Tumblr, Twitter, Fanfiction, and so forth.


    Soul harvesting: https://rumble.com/v1ns106-piglucifers-beast-system-only-one-hope.html



    Japan’s Red “Blood Vapor” Hydrogen to replace oil and gas: https://odysee.com/@TwoBitDaVinci:a/japanese-red-hydrogen-breakthrough-will:0



  3. Did a search using these keywords:

    how much funding to ukraine?

    Went through about 10 links and found zero information on the amount of taxpayer’s dollars that were sent. My guess is $200,000,000,000 to a quarter trillion dollars.

    Meanwhile, we have:

    ▪︎ Rampant inflation / stagflation.
    ▪︎ 7% mortgage rate
    ▪︎ Taxes on middle-class have increased
    ▪︎ High unemployment
    ▪︎ High amount of layoffs
    ▪︎ 87,000 new hire irs agents
    ▪︎ A corrupt DOJ and Fed
    ▪︎ A fraudulently elected buffoon that took showers with his daughter
    ▪︎ Midterm elections which will have high levels of voter fraud

    Any of you that think we can vote our way out of this mess?

    • Most political satanists (R and D) are self-enrichment specialists. Insider trading, kickbacks for quid pro quo deals, “gifts” and other scammy stuff. Never prosecuted always above the law and under the table. Makes me feel disgusted. Every election they make promises to get your vote, and never deliver. Meh!

  4. The Ukraine War is an endless orchestra to distract the masses from the silent war on America’s youth, which is spiritual, physical, educational, and neurodevelopmental. The very last word from that sentence, attracts the very least attention. How is it realistic to ignore the colossal, underreported/underestimated rise in autism/ASDs and childhood mental illnesses, yet simultaneously talk about limiting/disallowing puberty blockers and cocktails of behavioral meds on the most developmentally fragile/violent/intersexed/transvestited generation of children, teens, and youth in world history. If ASDs and such things at all existed in the ancient world, they were very rare. Some severe ASD watchdog groups/parents want to reverse state bans on puberty blockers for their biological (“cisgender”) sons with severe violent/aggressive autism/aspergers to prevent them from raging/taking others’ lives even if GD isn’t an issue. The rise in homelessness and prisons in the USA may secretly be in part due to the rise in unemployable ASD adults with serious sensory issues that lead to violent behavior/drug addiction/lack of independent lifeskills.

    • These kids are being used and manipulated.This goes along with the old German nazi belief system of not interacting with your kids when small.Obviously they couldn’t operate in the open so they used other means lowering wages raising prices(requiring you to work multiple jobs to stay afloat)This insured you weren’t home to spend time teaching your kids.When you were you were to tired to do so.This allowed the Marxist nazi school systems child care systems the
      access to your kids for brainwashing.Couple that with the medical I justice system and the child gestapo system its a match made in hell.Kids and parents who see through it are labeled as autistic crazy lazy abusive.Anything to forcibly drug destroy or remove your kids.
      If you do your homework you will see that the termite brigade teamed up with the nazis un ww2.They are the ones pushing the dogma as it fits their goals.It fits their beliefs.
      They are using a hybrid set of tactics for destruction.Nazi communist and stability.
      This is why the whole picture has been so hard for the masses to grasp.Much like a frog in a pot brought to temperature slowly it isn’t as noticeable.
      Want to stop this transgender insanity.Ask for an investigation into why masses of kids are being born intersexed.What chemical or poison were they exposed to
      It’s a legitimate concern argument.
      Also thos should be followed with a lawsuit brought by parents of truly intersexed kids.This is exploitation and unfair enrichment at the expense of those with a true medical problem.

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