Did a huge fireball hit this NorCal home? Big-bang meteor over California and 2 other states on November 5, possibly landed on home causing its destruction


A huge meteor fireball was seen exploding over California and 2 other states on November 5… And a man says the space rock hit his home and destroyed it…

Northern California officials are looking into if the bright ball of light seen in the sky Friday night is a meteorite that landed on and destroyed a Nevada County home.

Witnesses came from all over the region following the path of the bright ball in the sky to see where it landed and that path might have led to Dustin Procita’s home. He was inside the house with his two dogs when he said something hit his home and started a fire.

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I heard a big bang,” he said. “I started to smell smoke. I went onto my porch and it was completely engulfed in flames.

Procita lives in a quiet, rural area of rolling hills where cattle graze.

He said the area is home to multi-generational cattle farmers and ranchers. He had just fed the cows and sat on the couch listening to music when it hit his home.

He managed to save his rat terrier dog and tried to get back inside for his other family dog, but couldn’t save him. The dog died in the fire.

I tried to go around to the windows but fire and smoke was dumping through and I couldn’t see inside,” Procita said.

Penn Valley Fire Department Captain Josh Miller said they had a call around 7:30 p.m. for a structure fire but because of the secluded location, knew they would have a firefight on their hands.

Wide, open spaces and this was out on a farm, a cattle ranch area with not much around it,” Miller said.

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His firefighters, along with Smartsville Fire Department and CalFire, battled the flames for several hours.

It appears the bright ball of light captured on car and home videos landed in the middle of nowhere. Procita believes a meteor landed on his house.

I always watched meteor showers as a kid but I didn’t want them landing in my yard or through my roof,” he said.

Miller said he didn’t see the bright ball in the sky.

Everyone I talked to said it was a flaming ball falling from the sky and landed in that general area,” Miller said.

home explodes after being hit by a meteorite in the USA on November 5, 2022
A home exploded and burned down after being hit by a meteorite in Northern California USA on November 5, 2022

Miller said witnesses started arriving on the scene and are looking into if a meteorite caused the fire in the rural area.

I had one individual tell me about it first and I put it in the back of my mind but then more people — 2, 3, 4 — started coming in and talking about it,” he said.

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Procita and his wife said they will pick up the pieces and realize maybe the odds are in their favor.

They said it’s a one in four trillion chance so I guess I might be buying a lottery ticket today,” Procita said. [KCRA]

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  1. This Person was Hit by a Meteorite in 1954:

    Ann Hodges Incident

    The Sylacauga meteorite fell on November 30, 1954, at 12:46 local time (18:46 UT) in Oak Grove, Alabama, near Sylacauga, in the United States. It is commonly called the Hodges meteorite because a fragment of it struck Ann Elizabeth Fowler Hodges (1920–1972).

    The grapefruit-sized fragment crashed through the roof of a farm house, bounced off a large wooden console radio, and hit Hodges while she napped on a couch.[3] The 34-year-old woman was badly bruised on one side of her body, but was able to walk. The event received worldwide publicity

    The meteor made a fireball visible from three American states as it streaked through the atmosphere, even though it fell early in the afternoon.[6] There were also indications of an air blast, as witnesses described hearing “explosions or loud booms”.

  2. Anyone remember brilliant pebbles, or rods from god?


    Bill Gates of Microsoft fame, and Craig McCaw, who had a cellular phone business, among other things, formed a company called Teledesic — they’re talking about using their own capital and others that they raise to deploy a system of 840 satellites in low earth orbit, primarily for communications and that kind of networking, but they are using “brilliant pebbles” technology, which was the space-based interceptor that we pursued and, indeed, almost the identical architecture that we were pursuing under SDI.

    full story here


    perfect cover story , blame the meteor showers. kenetic space based weapons. lots of fireball sightings this year.

  3. Probably valuable fragments in the debris. Blue color was noted, so that is magnesium. Video shows a downward angle of trajectory. One in four trillion odds. Crazy.

    Surprised it didn’t land on the Piglosi residence?

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