Prepare! Because something really big is coming!


Why are all these animals going in circles?

The day of judgement is near…

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    “In the virtual session, Han Duck-soo said: “The Korean government believes that free competition, market principles and the autonomy of the private sector are the driving forces for growth.” He added that Korea will “foster a business environment that is predictable and transparent, providing maximum support for industrial transformation” working with the private sector to “induce investments in high-tech industries such as next-generation semiconductors, batteries and artificial intelligence.”

    “The Republic of Korea has been a strong partner of the Forum for many years and I believe that with the government’s clear vision and emphasis on both sustainability and innovation, there is a bright outlook for much stronger public-private cooperation in the country,” Schwab said, adding that under the new government’s leadership the country will “continue to play an indispensable role in tackling the common challenges we face in today’s world”.

  2. These animals use to roam many miles, especially during the change from summer to winter. Since they are caged up, their instincts kick in and they “roam” in a circle. Circles are continuous and simple. Just my 2 cents. Also, that disease some keep suggesting. Common symptom is head tilted to side, causes to walk in circle. In these videos I don’t see that.

  3. What Would Happen if Israel Nuked Iran
    A strike on Tehran could kill an estimated 5.6 million and injure 1.6 million.
    In those first minutes, they’ll be stunned. Eyes fixed in a thousand-yard stare, nerve endings numbed. They’ll just stand there. Soon, you’ll notice that they are holding their arms out at a 45-degree angle. Your eyes will be drawn to their hands and you’ll think you mind is playing tricks. But it won’t be. Their fingers will start to resemble stalactites, seeming to melt toward the ground. And it won’t be long until the screaming begins. Shrieking. Moaning. Tens of thousands of victims at once. They’ll be standing amid a sea of shattered concrete and glass, a wasteland punctuated by the shells of buildings, orphaned walls, stairways leading nowhere.

    This could be Tehran, or what’s left of it, just after an Israeli nuclear strike.

    Iranian cities—owing to geography, climate, building construction, and population densities—are particularly vulnerable to nuclear attack, according to a new study, “Nuclear War Between Israel and Iran: Lethality Beyond the Pale,” published in the journal Conflict & Health by researchers from the University of Georgia and Harvard University. It is the first publicly released scientific assessment of what a nuclear attack in the Middle East might actually mean for people in the region.

    Its scenarios are staggering. An Israeli attack on the Iranian capital of Tehran using five 500-kiloton weapons would, the study estimates, kill seven million people—86% of the population—and leave close to 800,000 wounded. A strike with five 250-kiloton weapons would kill an estimated 5.6 million and injure 1.6 million, according to predictions made using an advanced software package designed to calculate mass casualties from a nuclear detonation.

    Estimates of the civilian toll in other Iranian cities are even more horrendous. A nuclear assault on the city of Arak, the site of a heavy water plant central to Iran’s nuclear program, would potentially kill 93% of its 424,000 residents. Three 100-kiloton nuclear weapons hitting the Persian Gulf port of Bandar Abbas would slaughter an estimated 94% of its 468,000 citizens, leaving just 1% of the population uninjured. A multi-weapon strike on Kermanshah, a Kurdish city with a population of 752,000, would result in an almost unfathomable 99.9% casualty rate.

  4. Watch the animals. They sense earth changes. Lot of stress in the plates. And as Michael says a Pole Shift in our near future. Only not magnetic as the liars at NASA tell us, but a crustal displacement. Like the movie 2012. Only tidal waves don’t cover the whole earth. Just coastal areas due to slosh from plate shift. This is why the Federal Government has moved most Departments to Denver.

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