New JFK Assassination Records were released on December 15, 2022… You can review them here.

New JFK assassination files released on December 15, 2022
FILE – In this Nov. 22, 1963 file photo, President John F. Kennedy waves from his car in a motorcade in Dallas. Riding with Kennedy are First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, right, Nellie Connally, second from left, and her husband, Texas Gov. John Connally, far left. President Donald Trump, on Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017, says he plans to release thousands of never-seen government documents related to President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Picture by Jim Altgens

I was mentioning yesterday, that the Archive’s webpage on which the JFK files should be released was off… Well, sorry, I was a bit too fast…

As planned, yesterday, the National Archives and Records Administration released 13,173 documents related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy today, shortly after President Biden issued an executive order authorizing their disclosure while keeping thousands of other sensitive records under wraps.

Until they release ALL the records, I will assume the good stuff isn’t written down…

You can see and analyze the new files here… Please send me a summary when you went through all of it… Thanks! Manuel has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK… Thanks in advance!

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    • As Americans tune into manga, anime, “power” atheist rangers and the news that tells them about JFK’s tragic but long-ago passing – and that Japan is a “perfect utopia to improve all of America’s problems” (Chinpokomon from South Park predicted that U.S. children would be beguiled into idolizing and worshipping Japanese/East Asian cultures as the west deteriorates), Japan is the next Ukraine as Japan has officially abandoned its former pacifism with China.

      I repeat, Japan is the next Ukraine and its children and families, already ‘living’ in depressing small apartments or small country sides, will be completely devastated. Full Spectrum Survival talks about this much better than I do.

      “Let’s Start World War 3/WW3” by World Order also took place in both Japan and then the USA (Seattle Washington – Pike’s Place … allude to Albert Pike?) this appears to be predictive programming that the Japanese will take over the USA as Americans have destroyed themselves with trust in governors, politicians, vxxxines, lukewarm/corporate Christian sheeple and televangelists, and so much more.

      Western culture has been purposefully ruined to usher in the East Asian (and West Asian) takeover of all Anglo Saxon nations.

  1. @ Gary Allison

    “This going to be a difficult time for fanatics because what they think will happen and what actually does will not add up.”

    If you took that mRNA bioweapon–AKA the mark of the beast–you’re gonna WISH you had been a “fanatic” before this is all over….and that won’t be long from now!

    • Been an anti vaxer for 30 years. Figured out that con long before the internet. My children and grandchildren are vaccine free. And you’re just as flippant as someone else on here. You claim to be a Christian. Which means love and respect for others. Restraint also. But all you want to do is pound scripture in them like it’s a weapon, when YOUR understanding of it comes into conflict with logical discussion. Hoping someone got the Covid Vax so you can take pleasure in their poor health or death is pure EVIL. You are a sick dude.

      • Calling people “evil” for rebuking governors/presidents such as DJT/TC on Fox News/JFK/RD/etc is a very weak, childish, and cowardly move. As if we’re more “evil” than those in authority who are praising and pushing the potions that shall make menstruous women give birth to monsters (Book of Esdras/Revelation/Enoch).

        We’re not supposed to stay silent on hypocrisy and distractions such as rehashed JFK “news”. Fox News (666 News) is just as bad as Newsmax/Infowars (Bill Hicks is AJ), CNN, NBC/MSNBC, and all of them. Silence/rebuking others does not make one “evil”.

      • I never, at any time, have claimed to be a “Christian.” You are a liar. Your previous statements prove that you are also a fool. I rebuke both. I never once expressed a hope that you or anyone else took the vax. However, I do know that in these End Times all Bible Believers WILL be round up as “fanatics”…and I know it is your kind– those who deny The Most High God and His authority–who will be foot soldiers in Satan’s army. Your attempts at academic discussion to veil your lack of spiritual discernment are profanely evident. I have no wish to dialogue with you, but rather, to rebuke your ignorance occassionally when too much of it regurgitates into the comments. But only occassionally. LOL

      • Overhere,
        So, you’re a stalker. You sit back and strike now and then to make yourself feel better. Or to disrupt normal dialog. That means you are a TROLL. Just someone who likes to throw a wrench into the conversation. Contributes nothing but disruption and hate.

    • I’ve been trying to reply to 50cal and G.A. without making them rage like bulls in a chainuh shop. No avail. Sad. JFK’s assassination stuff is nothing new to me, been around since I was young. But those 2 i mentioned are JUST like the kids who praise Adolf as a good man – bullying you if you say ONE negative thing about RD/DJT/etc or call you “woke”.

      • You’re an idiot trying to make strangesounds website appear stupid. Loser trollwad. There’s an equally obtuse troll with your same moniker. Everybody downvotes his drivel. We don’t have that downvote feature, but I assure you if we did, you would be downvoted to oblivion. Go light your farts and self-immolate yourself, anonymous klownhead, lolollolllollllolllll.

  2. JFK? Really? A forgotton icon (to most people) from 2 generations ago? This information is a SIDESHOW to keep the masses distracted from what’s about to come.

    “Evidence indicates the Evil Ones are losing and more and more truth is coming out.” Dude…evil hasn’t even STARTED! Yes, they drop truth bombs from time to time to keep your eyes looking at the magician’s right hand, while he dupes you and performs his trick with his left hand.

    Today–the 17th–Putin just delineated why he WILL–without questionn–engage in WW3 with Poland and the USA. Evil won’t be “losing” until the antichrist is destroyed. If you don’t believe he exists right now….you wll real soon. It’s time to stop well-wishing and turn to God. Those who don’t submit to God in their hearts are about to get a FULL DOSE of what evil really is.

    • OverHere,
      Try looking around. Had Hillary gotten in as the Satanist/NWO intended the world would be a complete Hell Hole right now. But Good Guys countered it. Is it perfect? No. There’s a long way to go. Does this conflict with what most Churches have taught their Flocks? Yes. That’s because the Satanists have had their hands into all institutions used to control Man. You have to take what has been taught and apply it to what you observe. The Earth Changes is what’s going to probably kill 90% of the world population, not the threatened WW3. 85% of the world lives within 100 miles of a Coast. Those changes have been ramping up worldwide. And are about to go extreme when the NM event happens. They try to spin them with Global Warming and Geoengineering crap. In spite of the MSM hype, the Governments of the world are preparing for Earth Changes not Nuclear War. This was the real purpose of the Covid lockdowns (Martial Law). They fear loss of control as things ramp up very soon. Why did China build all those Ghost Cities in what are safe areas if you do some research? Why is Russia giving free land in its NE and building floating nuclear power plants and moving them to the NE? This is a safe area for Russia. Why are Billionaires locating to high ground in safe areas? Also New Zealand and Eastern Australia. Why has the Federal Government quietly moved most agencies off the East Coast? Mostly to Denver. Independant reporters who have been to DC say all the buildings are empty. They have sandbags around the White House. Put up a 10′ concrete wall around the Federal Reserve building a couple weeks back. That is not the sort of preps you do for a nuclear WW3 Event. But the evidence shows the Satanist/NWO bunch is going down, but they are not what you need to be concerned about. Thanks to the Good Guys. They are finished.

      • This going to be a difficult time for fanatics because what they think will happen and what actually does will not add up.

      • JFK (and possibly Rn Dsantis/tWitch Mike Leach/Stackler Brothers/Gordon Ramsay/etc) are believed to be biological (fully masculinized/FTM?) females by some people, based on their feminine physique with masculine features. It’s possible JFK and Rn Dsantis were/are freemasons (JFK could have a body double hiding somewhere, as with Elvis/Michael Jackson?)

        Strangely, recent and massive pro-LGBTQ AND anti-LGBTQ rhetoric – on both sides – seems to be staged to bring massive wars, rages, riots and destruction to America, and simultaneously make it harder for people to be strilized – may sound good at first, but the Monster RNA O. Warp Speed potions have been injected into billions of arms, especially those of pregnant women and biological females to give birth to Satan’s new Genesis 6/Enoch/Esdras fallen angel army/black-eyed-babies to terrorize America during God’s wrath – for those left behind who have been disallowed from God’s rapture of the saints.

  3. Yes, our government does little else but lie, but Oswald WAS the shooter.
    Jack “Ruby” Rubinstein only killed Oswald because Ruby was a nobody strip club owner who wanted to do something famous.
    Don’t look for any docs to be released that shows any alphabet agency’s involvement in it though, they’ll never release it, so this will be a big nothing burger.
    It doesn’t matter, the US is toast from debt, disgusting cultural rot and open borders, thanks largely to the satanic, parasitic small hat tribe whose border walls we pay for and incomes we provide.
    Buckle up and enjoy the ride because we’re about to enter into a very uncomfortable & tyrannical era in the US.

    • oswald was not the shooter,smh, reenactments prove oswald could not have shot jfk. ruby was another patsy used by the same culprits. they excel in grooming patsies. any “released” documents are undoubtedly redactedted or edited never believe the govt.

  4. Poppy Bush cut his teeth on the Kennedy murder and Johnson was guaranteed to be president as long as he didn’t pursue an honest investigation. Thus the Warren Commission pseudo single bullet investigation and the term “Conspiracy Theory”. Epstein is probably on an island in the South China Sea with other supposed dead Zionist puppets.

    • I’m thinking Epstein is most likely testifying at GITMO. The Good Guys snagged him from that jail before the Satanists could suicide him. But the story will never be told to the public.

  5. Well let’s give it a chance. Evidence indicates the Evil Ones are losing and more and more truth is coming out. Look where we are with the pedophile situation vs 5 years ago. Had you mentioned that most of the power structure were Satanic Pedo Perverts few would have listened.

    • Yep, PedoEpstein got killed in jail, cameras went on the blink. Yeah, right.

      Also, they redacted alot of info on his client list and Judge sealed records. Can’t let the world see what elitist reprobates / nasty perverts do— can we?

  6. They won’t be worth looking at. Same as the ufo files. Any info coming from a corrupt regime will be disinfo and drivel.

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