Today is supposed to be an important JFK assassination file dump BUT the page on which they should be released has been deleted on the National Archives website


So today, another big pile of JFK files should be released by the Biden Administration… Is the long-awaited smoking gun about to be revealed or will it fail to surface?

So will Biden continue HIDING CIA Oswald Op? It seems so… The page on which the JFK files should/will be released in 2022 has been removed from the the National Archives website…

JFK assassination file dump should occur today but the page where they should be added on website has been deleted.
JFK assassination file dump should occur today but the page where they should be added on website has been deleted. via

The old saying goes: Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. How can we avoid that pitfall if the past is purposely hidden from our view?

My guess is: They won’t let that inf come out EVER… But again, we will know today!

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  1. Trivia JFK News:

    Back when the Kennedy half-dollar coin was struck in 1964, the first version had accented hair, just above JFK’s ear. Jacqueline didn’t like the way it looked, so they changed the coin to the more close cropped, high and tight look we see today. I think they only made 1-3% of 1964 coins of the original design before it was scrapped. Saw one for sale, and looked it up. It was legitimate.

  2. Just before he said he was going to break the CIA up into a thousand pieces, I think. CIA had a lot of German Nazis.

    • Called “Operation Paperclip” I believe. 30,000 or 60,000? Nazis brought over. And I think the Establishment cut a deal with Hitler and let him go hide in Patagonia. Certainly, the FBI knew he was down there. Told all of us slaves he committed Hari-Kari in his bunker. So called reality is a carefully controlled paradigm. They lie about need for war. Lie about the Financial System. Lie about ET and what’s really in space. Lie about Man creating Climate Change. Lie about your vote is honestly counted. Lie about vaccines. Lie about Vitamin C. Lie about our real History. And I’m quite certain about Religion. All of it is inter-linked to maintain control. But it’s all falling apart right now. We’ll all be so busy surviving, we’ll never get the real story.

      • Yeah, when their lies fall apart then we get wars and terrorist false flags like 9/11.

        Just had a big mess. My 2nd refrig/freezer must have gone bad. I keep it on my covered porch. Well, just lost pounds of chicken and hamburger. Smell was bad. Yuck.

  3. JFK was trying to squash the satanic kablal/secret societies. Khazarian mafia and satanic deep state dirtfeggets. George Bush senior worked for the c eye a then.

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