Ok kids, today we will learn ‘Gangsta Music’


This is just sick… Not for my kids…

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  1. Why is the man that praises the violent “ausome” MMR and childhood “safe and essential” snakebites suddenly wanting to ban anything that’d interfere with the birth of the devil’s alien MRNA army? Not claiming unfettered LGBTQ or abortions is a good thing, but exposing the hypocrisy of this man with an antichrist-like spirit (proud, boastful, acts like the most high, secretly evil behind closed doors – same Republicon, FTM-looking reptilian puppet who allows Baker Acts and forced “safer smaller” vvxxxxes for school to continue). https://health.wusf.usf.edu/health-news-florida/2022-12-07/politifact-florida-leaders-misrepresented-research-before-ban-on-gender-affirming-care

    • Those “safer smaller essential” childhood vckxxxines contain baby cells from dead baby boys and girls, alongside primate and animal DNA, aluminum (destroys and reshapes/possesses neurons), and many other toxins. Obviously such surgeries (already banned in minors in many areas thankfully) are bad, but why is it OK to INJECT harm?

      • Vckssine induced GD is very likely causing a major increase in school violence, obesity, internet addiction, early pubertay, hypersxuality, porno fixations now affecting preteens, major depressions and suiacides in so many children. These children depend on such hormonal meds as severe violent ASD “ausome” victims depend on anti-seizure and anti-rage meds and banning HRT/related meds – while allowing the “safer smaller less harmful” snakebites to continue – is actually harming more children than helping. Same politicians pretend ASDs magically disappeared with GD “caused” by social media/internet rather than the W.H.O. .

        (had to misspell to get past the Askeemet filters)

    • These same people are gruuming your kids into idol worship: https://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/lifestyle-buzz/mom-shares-unhinged-pro-trump-book-grandmother-gave-one-of-her-children-for-christmas/ar-AA15P6L6?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=U531&cvid=1beb01e10a3340b3a7888ea8567df067

      A book aimed at children!

      “The current king, King Donald, was traveling all around his kingdom giving speeches to enormous crowds of his loving people and asking them to keep the kingdom great by choosing him again,” The Plot Against the King purportedly says.”

      • ASDs, violent “mental illness” and SPDs: “Divok” (possession by evil spirits) repackaged as glittery, shiny, cutesy “neurodiversity” marshmallow fluff.

        How evil will this world become before the end? https://www.ageofautism.com/2018/07/all-messed-up-and-no-where-to-go-the-sorry-need-and-lack-of-psych-bed-for-children.html

        “Of course NBC won’t take a hard look at this crisis. They’ll just continue to report on “mental illness” (Satan’s demon possession via various pharmakeia/sorceries) and everything else happening to kids with no questions asked. This is childhood in the 21st century. We never ask why. We just expect that our children will get sicker and sicker.”

        That’s what should be terrifying everyone, not Twitter, not Ukraine, not Chainuh, not staged false flag skool shewtings/wohke culture rhetoric that hides the decades-old evils predating the 2020’s.

      • Wonder why childhood vccckines cause violence and rage? They’re a form of the mark of the beast, all of them, not just the new ones: Gematrix (look up the actual “V” word and its English Gematria equivalent is 666). I’m not kidding.

    • A waste-of-time election result video from an “alternative” news channel, the David “Whackman” show which praises and worships RD like he’s Jesus without questioning anything. This doofus smiles and creates the 666 hand signal when talking about Desantis “victory” (CFR selected) at 0:23/0:24 and he talks about hammers. A pro-RD clown, Styxenhammer666 literally has the beast’s number in his channel name and his avatar is a dragon (Lucifer) eating his own tail. And this man who is solidly pro-MMR/DTAP/”essential safe vcccine” (autizombie brain damage jahbs) is supposed to save our children?

  2. Kids need to be supervised and screen time limited.One of the most important gifts a parent can give is antipropaganda training teaching.
    Tv is excellent for this.Showing and teaching the difference in fantasy versus reality.Teach your kids real world skills gun safety hunting gun smithing reloading fishing if appropriate sewing crocheting knitting home auto repair.Most important of all teach them respect for life.
    Note if you teach your daughter be aware that if the school system in your area is antigun and gets a whiff of it they will softly try and accuse you of nasty acts.They hate guns and will stop at nothing to try and remove them.They will try an force your daughter to make false claims against you.They have been known to try and force kids into counseling.They refuse to face their antigun delusions and will try an claim your daughter is just denying it due to trauma.Please remember to teach your daughter not to feel guilty goosestepping them.They are God forgive me horrible human beings.

    • Very true, but for Gen Z, the damage caused by unsupervised and pornographic/communistic internet has already been done and is getting worse by the day.

      Interestingly Faux News/CNN/NBC/Newsmax/many others have never exposed the vomit-inducing foot fetish community on Deviantart, while some youtubers have. Just because it’s not an s. organ does not mean it’s acceptable to create fetish pictures of!

      Friday Night Funkin’ fan videos (such as “Boyfriend’s Tummy Doesn’t Work”) are extremely stupid and disgusting, if FNAF wasn’t dumb enough. These kids unironically think FNF/FNAF/Roblox/other such games are the best games, even if you give them classic internet-free family-friendly game consoles or better yet, outdoor physical activity games.

      What happened to children’s playgrounds? All the kids are screen/Ipad zombies thanks to lukewarm Christian/other religious or atheist (that’s also a religion) parents.

  3. That’s horrible crap. Take your kids out of public schools. Reading, writing, and arithmetic at home. Gary is right about tv and gadgets. Books, books, books. Teach History and Science properly. No wokey hokey pokey crap! Break out the Bible too.

    • Yes, it’s horrible enough and the forced LGBTI/secks education that’s been going on for decades, is even worse than some shoddy profane gang-stuh music. The chief of MAGA who said he’d stop this (alongside his Kosher WEF/CFR carefully selected agent R.D.) also claimed to bring oil and coal mining back to America, didn’t he? Why in the middle east does it remain? Funding for the O.W.G. capital of Astana, a city filled with Masonic symbolism to its brim.

      C.P. has been “sneaked” Trojan-horse-style into “educational” books for children for decades with little outcry, such as “What’s happening to me” being sold at Barnes and Noble, containing graphic depictions of “elections”, “mass-debates” (slang I learned from the Sonichu wiki), “tadpoles”, boys and girls/womens uncensored things and bits, in a book aimed at children for “educational” purposes. The lukewarm “Christian” parents who’ve unwittingly given their children softcore CP and porno disguised as innocuous “education” have no idea how bad books like “What’s happening to me?” are. Rather than explaining “it” to children without sexually explicit pictures and borderline CP paragraphs, they purchase these trash books with their hard-earned money that could’ve been used to buy nutritious food or seeds.

      All the people in power who’ll “save our children” from the p. blockers they/their merchants secretly manufacture, are all the same people praising all the “safe essential sensical” childhood CDC snakebites on the schedule that aren’t quick-life-ending (money-losing) MRNA, such as MMR/DTAP/Flu/HPV/etc.

      • And the garbage horsecrap show known as “Power Rangers” 4kids minimum wage slaves pulled out of their Taco Bell (before there was Chipotle crap) excrement-laced rear ends, which is to children’s TV as the openly satanic, provacks Rolling Stones is to “golden age” music. MMPR/PR is atheistic anti-christian propaganda aimed at children and teenagers, an indescribably horrific ripoff of the secretly christian, anti-satan Super Sentai Series, filled with garbage “family friendly” dialogues because the original SSS KSZ dialogue of fighting against satanists and against enlarged frankenstein/zombie/satan monster was “too scary for children” – I watched movies about Jesus being slaughtered as a kid, with all the blood and stuff, and now my generation, Tumblr Generation, is scared of the original Japanese Super Sentai Series and also anything about these serious battles against monsters, because they want to focus on the trashy “out of context” or garbage sexually explicit fanfiction/romance fanfics that have nothing to do with fighting evil.

        Thanks a lot MMPR/PR, and 4Kids, you culturally destroyed my country, the USA, worse than Chernobyl and the Fukushima disaster combined.

      • Ron D. is shown here doing “heavy metal” devils horns hand signal, same signal the Pope uses, as this man has taken accountability for the profit-prevention MRNA snakebite – only after millions of Floridians were injected with the Nephilim black eyed baby potions. A new hybrid species with three strands of DNA is being born, and Desantis praises “the chosen ones” to stay at his multi-billionaire UN/CFR mansion, as many FL families are stuck in “shipping container” mobile homes and Jeffrey trafficks children in Florida, most likely with RD’s Freemason zionist bot-buddies. RD is anti-pharma, unless it has to do with limiting the birth of these new little triple helix “Hulk” monsters. That is why he loves childhood vcxxxines/MMR shots while going after anything to do with reproduction he doesn’t like. Elon “Mosklem” wants to put brain chips into everyone, while promoting “free speech” like he’s super man.


  4. Don’t let your kids sit in front of a TV! Especially before age 6, it causes brain damage. Should be very little even through teen years. The Elite don’t give their children Smart Phones or computers for this reason. Send them to Private Schools with no Computers and have old fashioned Chalk Boards. Teach Knitting even. My Grandkids get no TV and are 100% Un-Vaccinated. Their brains are always working. Always busy making up imaginary games. Healthy and know how to have a conversation with adults. But you turn on a TV, and their eyes glaze over, and all silence. Notice kids can’t talk to you? Even Teens. You say something and they just stare at you. TV, Smart Phones and Computers. Making Zombies.

    • That is why ipads/black screens are praised as “miracle devices” for those with profound ASDs and developmental damage caused by vxxxxines. Don’t forget the Roblox MetaVerse and such being promoted.

    • When you talk about imaginary games, that is what we did as kids. We got an hour of tv, after dinner and homework was completed. Then to bed at 2100hrs. Also, my parents made us read a book for half an hour before lights out at 2130hrs. Of course, we could pick the books. I got into J.R.R. Tolkein’s trilogy. Many kids were into that trilogy in my area.

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