“Ukraine 2030” vision: Cashless/digital society with E-health systems and monitoring



The vice prime minister of Ukraine posted this video titled “Ukraine 2030”. It features Ukraine as a cashless/digital society with E-health systems and monitoring…

Youtube format if you cannot watch Twitter:

At least we can sleep well knowing that at least SOME of the 80 Billion dollars of taxpayer money will go directly towards the digital enslavement of the Ukrainian people.

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    Thats for anonymous ??

    • You’re the one who’s spamming this website. This isn’t a contest, but if it was, you’d lose. This post (and all of your posts attacking me/other truthers) is profound evidence that you are a complete fool. You’re the real clown here and you should think about who’s the real “drivel/spammmer” here. You attack me for not wanting to “work” for projab/corporate man, but you waste YOUR time posting complete garbage that has nothing to do with God’s word or what people should REALLY be focused on rather than all these stupid Ukraine/Gold and silver mammon/”W0ke” culture false flag operation/countless other distractions that legacy and corporate “alternative” news hyper-focuses on. You can yawn, scream, spam, cry and cuss all you want, and gather up all the useless mammon (silver, guh.ns and gold) you want and attack and bully the weak/non-Desantis worshippers into submission all you want, but YOU’RE the one who’s spamming this site, “accuse” means to claim without evidence yet I have evidence (in memory) of you telling me to k… myself which I won’t do. You’re a coward and a bully and you accuse me of being the same with very weak evidence, if any.

      Forget about Ukraine, SS. THIS is what should terrify people, especially mothers, expectant parents, and those who have loved ones suffering from the aftermath of decades of “safer smaller” vcccckines, many of such victims are now adult human guinea pigs in corporate and mental hellth “care” homes/in.sane asylums.




  2. A massive snowstorm/airs of arctic freeze has struck the USA, even Flo. and Texas. Ukraine is a dark circus. And Babalon’s pay.triot buddies will team up to create the next war on us slaves (citizens = slaves): https://healthimpactnews.com/2022/will-the-cia-orchestrate-a-nuclear-war-in-2023/

    Clowns worship this man as he is solidly pro-pharma unless it has anything to do with reproduction/any hurdles to the birth of the MRNA vcccxx alien army: https://odysee.com/@TimTruth:b/desantis-panel-pushes-shots:a

  3. The next Ukraine, the Ukraine of East Asia is next – Japan is a tough and hard place to raise children! As Amerikans are being taken out like flies from “neurodiversity” and the shapeshifter hulk vxxxckines, don’t worry, we’ll be replaced by the Japanese: https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20221227/p2a/00m/0na/017000c (Majority of 30s or under think Japan is a tough place to raise children: poll)

    “When asked if they thought Japan was an easy place to raise children, only 17% said it is, significantly lower than the 44% who said it is not, while 37% were “undecided.”

    “Japan’s birthrate is declining rapidly. The annual number of births, which exceeded 2 million during the country’s second baby boom from 1971 to 1974, fell below 1 million in 2016, and is expected to fall below 800,000 for the first time this year. The latest poll revealed that young people are anxious about child rearing and the burden of educational expenses amid uncertain prospects for the future.”

    East Asian replacement migration is coming to the USA very soon, and it is inevitable at this point.

  4. As Ukraine becomes a cashless vegan Neurodiversity “utopia”, Japan is rolling out “My Number/Maina Point” I.D. system for every resident of what was once the freest country in East Asia: https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20221223/p2a/00m/0op/021000c (News Navigator: What is Japan’s ‘My Number’ ID system and card?)

    And it uses facial photos, just like Facebook (hence the name) does: “A: First of all, My Number is the 12-digit individual identification figure allocated to each resident of Japan, and can be used for administrative procedures related to social security, taxes and disaster countermeasures. A My Number card bears the holder’s face photo and address on the front and 12-digit ID on the back.”

    “A: It is up to the individual to decide whether they get the card. Currently, many municipalities are sending application forms with a QR code to the homes of those who do not have the card. You can use that application form to apply by any means, such as mail, at an ID photo booth in your neighborhood, or by using a computer or smartphone. With a smartphone, you can scan the QR code with the phone’s camera and register your email address, face photo, and other information to complete the process. However, when you receive the card, you need to go to the local government office in your area to confirm your identity.”

    QR codes are also mentioned. It’s currently voluntary, but soon won’t be when Japan is destroyed Ukraine-style by the UN/CFR/WEF and their countless organisations.

  5. Cashless equals slavery. Digital is like a faucet, if you dissent, they just shut off your banking. F the wef feggetholes!

  6. Japan will be next with “Japan 2030” I believe, both nations are gearing up for engineered/staged wars to usher in digitalized “life” and vxxxxine slavery for those left behind after the rapture.

    Why does all our fuel/oil come mainly from the middle east? Not about profits I believe, it’s about funding the N.W.O. capital Astana, a city filled with occult/masonic symbolism.

    • No Rapture. Feel good doctrine to convince folks to not prepare. No need to do anything. I won’t be here anyway. Plenty of Christians being persecuted already. None of them being Raptured. All leaving Earth in the usual way. Get ready!! Just in case you are left behind:-)

      • I knew you wouldn’t be fooled by false doctrine. My old pastor said, when you die, in the blink of an eye you are in heaven in your spirit body with no memory of any pain or misery. I will go with that belief.

  7. We’ll all be in survival mode by then. Nobody will care about the Ukraine. Nobody will have power anyway, so the Great High Tech Control Grid will be long forgotten. Get some chickens and a garden.

  8. Khazarian satanist/sodomite headquarters. Money laundromat, sex slavery, bioweapons labs. I’m rootin for Putin. He knows how to deal with these scumbags, and their pervert midget leader.

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