This will not end well Catturd!

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  1. Go make your own substack rant site, anonymous douchewad. Nobody will visit, except your sockpuppets and losers like you.

  2. Yeah, I suck alright, but I refuse to worship the USA, Japan, Deathsantis, Trump etc any longer on any party. I only worship and praise Yeshua Jesus.

    The reason I talk about Japan so much is basically because too many Americans think it’s a magical flawless paradise, and we have Yuval Noah Harari wanting everyone to live like the Japanese – the modern, zombified, internet addicted (pleasure seeking and conformity rather than truth or research) and pale, depressed, extremely lonely modern Japanese people/hikikomori – as the role model for all western societies.

    And we have family members who lived for years abroad in Japan mostly for military reasons alongside many other countries – but I won’t mention who they are nor where they live, in case some violent creep like 50k who I’m talking to, wants to take revenge on us for what I’ve said.

    TrumpetForYahweh talked about a golden Trump idol, and I’m almost certain there’ll be a golden/similar Desantis idol very soon. Both of them are being worshipped by patriot zombies everywhere who threw Yeshua in the trash can for a governor, let me tell you what patriotism means: shipping your sons and daughters off to endless wars, hating your neighbors, taking pride in ignorance, blindly believing everything without question, worshipping governors and presidents over God, and putting a fake smile on your face. Junk food’s bad and worth mentioning, but so many people can’t afford all healthy or organic food everywhere and not just USA. Those in the midwestern and poor states will be hurt the most by all the MRNA tainted toxic food and glyphosate, as they can’t get much if any better food unless they’re billionaires living in WH-funded bunker homes.

  3. 50k, Trump is a Scottish Rite freemason, and he is Fauci’s best friend, apparently you still don’t understand what “controlled opposition” means. Alex Jones is Bill Hicks in disguise (an O.D.D. video talked about that) and Ron Deathsantis is pushing/praising all the other childhood shots while ONLY targeting the MRNA ones that’d take out lifelong ASD therapy and drug customers too soon. Desantis medical board won’t even hide it on his Ron Desantis Rumble channel, complaining about how Americans have “lost trust in pharma” due to the “rushed” MRNA satan shots, and how the Desantic medical board basically wants to do a Denmark-style medical system model in Florida while calling all the other shots “essential and safe with one in a million side effects” because all these parents of severely vaxxx 666 damaged autistc children idn’t report to VAERS back then.

  4. Kinzinger is what is wrong with R party. He and Bitch McConnel, Cheney, McCarthy, Collins, are all a blight on America, same as the D-party Leftist shitdick trannypedohomo scum.
    Traitors and satanic perverts.period!

    • Even the “non-RHINOs” are also selected by CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and/or Rome. This was staged without doubt. DJT said i am the father of the thing that goes into your arm. RD praises that thing and the MMR thingy too (Health Impact News and Dr. Jane Ruby’ warning about Florida’s CDC death protocol being approved by D. – for anyone to be forcefully given this thing or Paxlovid if they’re being treated in a hospital for any reason). Your love for men/sinners and governors is feeding your demise.

      • Trump was mislead by fraudchi, birx, and the other traitors.
        DeSantis is going after pharma-sorcery feggetholes. Keep lying and spinning truth. You suck.

        You just repeat lies and spin. You lack critical thinking, which is probably why you are an unemployable spamfegget.

    • It’s obvious you love the disgusting adult puppet show of politics – and their politicians and governors – more than God at this point. Unless you abandon your love affair with Deathsantis and all such idols regardless of party, nation, or race, I have no hope for you. No idolater enters the kingdom of God.

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