UFO by the Sun? Dangerous cold and coronal holes


Great video!

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qfiles by steve quayle

qfiles by steve quayle


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    Weather balloon releases sulphur particle into air over Mexico. The private startup is attempting to alter the climate. Solar geoengineering. There’s too many hucksters and con artists around. Perhaps the fake vaxx will cull the most gullible of solar geoengineering retards quickly? Depopulation of leftists would be a blessing.

  2. That’s was a repair module ship. The thing you see is a super LED sun simulator. Our real sun has gone black. Remember people in YouTube filming two suns? They used an eclipse to install the sun simulator that actually follows the real sun which is still there, moving but doesn’t shine. Our sun was warm, yellow. Simulator is a white cast full spectrum LED light. Fooled billions. Research it SUN SIMULATOR. It’s up there.

  3. My guess is you are seeing one of Nibiru’s Moons. It has dozens of them, the size of the Earth’s Moon, that trail behind it. Plus, smaller ones down to rock size. That’s why some call it a mini-solar-system.

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