WEF announces themes for Davos 2023 – Theme #4: “Preparing for the Next Pandemic”


Davos 2022 held last May was the first in-person Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum since January 2020. Davos 2023, running from 16-20 January, marks a return to the January event.

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting - Cooperation in a Fragmented World - 16–20 January 2023
World Economic Forum Annual Meeting – “Cooperation in a Fragmented World” – 16–20 January 2023. via WEForum

Entitled “Cooperation in a Fragmented World,” the meeting will be about:

The world today is at a critical inflection point. The sheer number of ongoing crises calls for bold collective action.

The Annual Meeting will convene leaders from government, business, and civil society to address the state of the world and discuss priorities for the year ahead.

It will provide a platform to engage in constructive, forward-looking dialogues and help find solutions through public-private cooperation.

According to WEF, the themes that emerged during the 2022 meeting have shaped the intervening months and provide essential reading ahead of Davos 2023.

The 6 main topics for 2023 will be:

  1. Ukraine shines a light on importance of global cooperation
  2. Three interconnected crises – climate, food, energy
  3. Don’t use ‘Recession’ (but it might be coming anyway)
  4. Preparing for the next pandemic requires ending health disparities
  5. Gender, inequality and Jobs of Tomorrow
  6. ‘Our future is digital’

This comes shortly after “Catastrophic Contagion” (the sequel to Event 201) held last October.

The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in partnership with WHO and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, conducted Catastrophic Contagion, a pandemic tabletop exercise at the Grand Challenges Annual Meeting in Brussels, Belgium, on October 23, 2022.

The new virus was called S.E.E.R.S – Severe Epidemic Enterovirus Respiratory Syndrome 2025… Here a video:

The exercise simulated a series of WHO emergency health advisory board meetings addressing a fictional pandemic set in the near future. Participants grappled with how to respond to an epidemic located in one part of the world that then spread rapidly, becoming a pandemic with a higher fatality rate than COVID-19 and disproportionately affecting children and young people.

So yes, globalists are preparing a new pandemic to destroy what will be left from our economy and society… Be prepared… [WEForum, 2023 Davos event]

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  1. “Strange Sounds,” Give me something about Russian involvement or non-participation in the Great Reset, translated from a Russian source (in Russian). Can you?

  2. Will Russia participate in the WEF plan? Is Russia in the plan now?
    What does the pack-network alternative media say for truth””? That Russia is against and fighting the conspirators? And you almost all repeat like a robots?

    Quite the opposite. But no one reads Russian from Russian sources, but relies on the defenders of truth – Western alternative media.

    And almost all alternative readers, relying on the belief that these alt-media are the pinnacle of the search for truth, repeat the deception. This is a living example of a sense of “Western superiority” – “we know best.” You fools:)

    While Russia participates and executes with great speed every aspect of the great zeroing, while at the same time participating in the treaties with all the international alliances that execute the great zeroing, almost all Western (mostly but not limited to) alt-readers believe otherwise. And they are even proud that they know the truth that is “hidden from the mass media”:):)

    Isn’t that pathetic nonsense? Don’t these people deserve to be zeroed out? They deserve it. And they’ll get it.

  3. I’m sorry Gary Alison and ferftykow but you’re completely hopeless and astray. I’m the worst sinner there is yet I am willing to share the truth that few see. “And you prove it again”.

    • Look, you asked. I told you politely. And you prove it again by being flippant and tossing it back. Grow up dude. You lack respect for others. If you can’t see that then you are not what you say you are. Not a judgement but an observation. Join in the conversation with intelligent comments and stop the in-your-face off-topic copy and paste posts that serve no purpose but to irritate and anger others.

      • I wouldn’t be criticizing ferftykow if he wasn’t badmouthing anyone who criticizes Desantaclaus (the “Rav Shlomo Yehuda” of Florida), making vile and erotic/pornographic insults against me, calling me gay/lgbt with no evidence, telling me to jump off a cliff and many other vile actions he has done.

        And you think it’s me who lacks respect for others because I don’t want to see people in hell nor in pain/suffering especially children. Unfortunately Desantaclaus (and even the most pro MAGA – more like Make America Gullible Again – “patriots” in state govts and “non-rhinos”) are all 100% pro childhood vxxxine/MMR/DTAP and many others, except for the few ones/MRNA ones they deem dangerous, which is massive hypocrisy. These people all make money from “Fyzer”, Moderna, AstraZeneca and many other M0TB nanotech companies as well as Tesla/Elon Muskrat’s stuff.

      • Anonymous,
        Folks on this site are here for the articles that Manuel puts up. The blog posts are for comments on those articles. Sure, the conversations open doors to related topics, but you keep posting the VERY SAME stuff. Pages and pages of it and it seldom has any connection to the subject. Often it completely wallpapers the entire chat so nobody can make sense of what comments folks make. Thomas Jefferson said Freedom is not for all peoples. It’s only for those who have respect and self-restraint. The premise of the Christian faith is restraint and respect for others. Which is why Christian Countries generally have the most Liberty. You are exhibiting the attitude that brings about control and restrictions because you have no restraint and respect.

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    Basically, he wants to poison the minds of youth with his antichrist stories. He is often a speaker at these demonic davos group and wef meetings. Reject all sodomite-transhumanism. We are not hackable commodities. Don’t buy into this horseshit.

  5. Translation = these are the solutions that were going to ram down the worlds throats to the all the crisis that we’ve caused.

  6. WEF also recently called to euthanize all pets because of climate change.
    We went from cow farts to cat farts too fast there guys !

    • They all need to be euthanized. Inbred psychopathic demons. They marry/inbreed to keep the money and bloodlines tied together.

  7. Unfortunately Ren Dosantis is secretly a WEF member/he loves and defends all other childhood aut!sm shouts that cause violent behavior, learning delays, life threatening food allergies, and so much more but he (and his team of puppets) only opposes the new Monster RNA shouts that’d take out the aut!stic/chronically ill lifelong cattle too early.

    And he is being worsh!pped by angry, screaming, cussing “Chr!stians” who love pol!tics and !dols more than God. The trashy behavior of communists led to the rise of H!tler and Mussol!ni that were also worsh!pped by many as an alternative to the “eviler” commies.


    Talks about the trashy behaviors of communism: https://www.bitchute.com/video/wvJexYr12lug/ (COMMUNISM IS A FALSE RELIGION AND DONALD TRUMP WILL DESTROY THE UNITED STATES IF HE RETURNS)

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    • You are sick. President Trump is not the “anti Christ.”
      You embarrass your self and God.
      You give Bible based Christianity a bad name and steer people away fro it with this idiotic accusation.
      President Trump is the most hated man on the planet by the globalists and the elites because he speaks the truth.

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