Cryptocurrencies ‘to control the masses’ are being discussed at the World Economics Forum (WEF) right now and a guide released to encourage the development of the future crypto-based economy


“The Tokenized Future Economy” is part of the WEF this year running from January 16th to the 20th. formally announced the topic back on January 2nd. The key messages from their annoucement were:

  1. 2022 was a terrible year for cryptocurrencies, with the loss of $2 trillion in market value.
  2. We could now see the handover of crypto technology and blockchain infrastructure to more regulated and established institutions
  3. Cryptography and blockchains will continue to be integral parts of the modern economic toolkit.

The WEF published a guide to encourage development of the crypto-based future economy.

The abstract to the guide starts:

Collaboratively governed and code-driven, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are engaged in nothing less than an experiment to reimagine how we connect, collaborate and create.

Although DAOs today manage billions of dollars’ worth of assets, engage millions of contributors and operate across industries as diverse as finance and philanthropy, basic questions regarding operations, governance, law and policy are only just beginning to be addressed by policy-makers, regulators and entrepreneurs.

Leaders in economics are messaging that cryptocurrency is here to stay – that a tokenized economy will consume our future financial interactions whether you and I want them to or not. That blockchain will make public and private documents immutable. Adoption of digital assets is underway. [Cointelegraph, WEForum, WEF Report]


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  1. Silver ended the week at $23.93, and gold at $1,925.

    Tangible silver and gold. Not the paper is what is solid. Some people buy the paper, and it is not smart. You need something portable and tangible. I hear these radio advertisements for paper silver/gold. Leave that alone.

  2. Gary Allison are you telling we all are Satanist in this club here? I do not think so we tell truth what will be happening or will happen? Does not make .50 Cal a Satanist lol..

  3. AI is soon will take over world and no where to find it to destroy it..AI will destroy mankind. AI rules the world with NWO or without it?

  4. I’m so sick of these control freak psychopaths jetting to their meetings conjuring ways to erode our liberties while simultaneously creating Orwellian control and enslavement of us.
    Good grief! No wonder our founders wanted us armed!
    NO WAY will we in the US allow this satanic scum deprive us of our tools of self defense!

    • Every country that gave up their 2nd Ammendment rights suffered at the hands of tyrants. They are using the incremental approach with Americans. Stealth traitors.

  5. Today’s Metal Numbers:

    Gold at $1,908.64
    Silver at $23.52

    391.08% increase over 20 years on silver
    435.94% increse over 20 years on gold

    Unlike stock you pay no capital gains taxes when selling metals.

  6. Yes stack silver and gold cause the globalists have no problem with you establishing another means of commerce outside of their prison planet…folks there is No – opting out, no skirting the system. Best investments right now beans, bullets, bandaids.

    • Actually, these psychopaths DO in fact have a problem with us stacking alternative means of commerce (Au/Ag), they just haven’t forbidden the purchase of it yet.
      Grab it while you can because these coins will allow tax free & private barter.

      • Tax free huh? Our government is our biggest threat, we read a bunch of Molon labe, shoot, shoot, shoot. One of the most powerful tools we have is our money, the very money we given them to murder and imprison us. Most will continue to pay the extortion as they are full of fear. “They will come for me if I don’t!” Folks they are coming for you anyway. This is no longer the country of our birth, let that notion go.

  7. This sites some times post things some times not … Wait and re post it it happens to all of us…
    Has The World Economic Forum Just Reached “Peak Creepy”?
    January 17, 2023 by Michael
    Why do people think that it is creepy that a group of “select human beings” have gathered in Davos, Switzerland to shape the agenda of the entire planet? Could it be because many of the attendees are horny aging narcissists that truly believe that they are “saving the world”? During the day they listen to speeches about diversity, equality and inclusion, and then at night many of them pay young women to perform degrading sex acts. But since they have lots of money, they are able to pay the “sex workers” very well. Of course a lot of them flew into Davos on carbon-spewing private jets, but then they have the gall to lecture the rest of us about turning up our thermostats a little bit too much in the middle of the winter. Sadly, no matter what these elitists do, the mainstream media will continue to portray them as “saviors” that are justifiably telling the rest of us how to live our lives.

    • nayab,
      Michael Snyder has a great site. As for these Satanists believing they are doing good things for the planet, that is just cover. What they want is absolute control. And phony environmentalism is a means to that end. Their only concern is themselves. They only work together to achieve that end. If there was no gain in it, they would eat each other like a pack of rabid dogs. Pure EVIL.

  8. Why is my comment not being uploaded but another with a later time stamp was?

    The crypto currencies beginning with bitcoin were developed by the elite and allowed to run on their internet as a beta to iron out their CBDCs so when the time comes all decentralized cryptos will be declared illegal as they deliver the next manufactured economic crisis which will then be used to phase out fiat cash as they fully mobilize their mark of the beast by 2025:

    Here is the timeline from a spiritual perspective:

    • I betcha the wef ?? would love to hire a hacker to bring down the banks on purpose. Then they have a reason to push for digital currency tyranny even harder. Also it wipes out everybody at once, except themselves.

      • WEF ?? are telegraphing their moves on a cyber attack again too. Also attacking 1st Ammendment and telegraphing medical tyranny with their islamo-heathen shitbag, WHO-Tedros the Terrorist!

    • My thoughts exactly. They have been planning this for a long, long time. They have the weather, the food, energy, judicial system and supply lines across the planet. Ya, really scared ooo.

  9. The crypto currencies beginning with bitcoin were developed by the elite and allowed to run on their internet as a beta to iron out their CBDCs so when the time comes they cryptos will be declared illegal as they usher in their CBDCs after the next crisis phasing out fiat cash as they fully mobilize their mark of the beast by 2025:

    Here is the timeline from a spiritual perspective:

  10. What’s to stop the computer geeks that invent these cryptos from altering the program to make themselves rich at everybody else’s expense. In fact didn’t that already happen. I will stick to gold silver & other assets that can’t be vaporized by a computer geek or easily stolen by a bunch of billionaire child molesters.

    • Silver $23.70 / 27% profit last six months.
      Gold $1,908 / 11.58% profit last six months

      Both are down a fraction from yesterday. People keep shorting silver at $24 last fiive weeks.

      • Yep. Appears we may finally get a proper price soon. Alasdair McCloud says the physical stocks are lower than ever at the London Exchange. On silver, they have been selling more physical than total mine production for the last 2 years. But they are desperate to hold silver down, as Credit Swiss was who shorted the crap out of it back in 2011 to knock it down below $20. Now they will be destroyed if the price gets above $30.This is why for the last year gold have done OK, but silver is being held down. I hope their ability to continue is coming to an end soon. Sourcing large amounts of silver has quite a wait time to it ATT.


        This site has good graphs with drop down menu selection for changing views from silver to gold, etc. Loads fast, real-time updates. Silver has been fluctuating between $24.50 – $23.50 for five weeks. I buy scrap alot, so I watch it constantly.

      • Bought some pre 1933 gold a while back. Not alot, just a couple smalls. I like its portability. I also like a piece of history in my hands. Always wonder who had it in their pockets way back in time. I like antique firearms for that too.

      • Monex just shipped me a 1 oz Monex pure silver coin as a Christmas present. Thanking me for my business. Ha. I played around with their physical on margin game a bit. Lost $2000 in the process. The market is too manipulated to predict. Pretty coin though.

      • Gary,
        I gave Santa Claus silver rounds for gifts this year. Also, old silver half dollars to the youngsters. My grandma used to give us old silver coins way back. I still have them.

  11. Digital ponzi fa99ot money. No thanks. Stick with metals and tangible items, like ammo!
    F the WEF. F cryptofa99ots.

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