Video: Germany’s Foreign Minister A. Baerbock confirmed the country is officially at war with Russia


Does she know how dangerous it is to talk like this? She is dragging the entire EU along with Germany…

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  1. This is what happens when the people votre “green”.
    This is what happens when the lunatics run the asylum.
    This is what happens when you let your country being destroyed by cultural marxism (Germany is a US colony since 1945 and Germans are the most obedient brainwashed people in Europe).

    Yes and of course this bitch is an infilrated agent of the WEF (young global puppets).

    But remember, what is the goal here?


    Who benefits from this kind of iiresponsible announcements?
    Who is the real target :

    us to create fear
    and to then push more fascist laws

    They have an agenda and they would do anything to achieve it but they are not God.

    And this green puppet is not bullet proof…

  2. Young, with no experience, probably never had a fistfight, Only knows how to flap her lips. I lived in Germany three times twice as a dependent child of an old war horse soldier, and once as a soldier in a NUKE unit in Wiesbaden Germany. Missy, you have absolutely zero ideas what a NUKE or a lot of NUKES will do to the real estate of Germany, But it will be much worse and more widespread than in Dresden. Girly you are about equal to that little girl running around the world telling us to get rid of our cars.
    Please step down from your position and let someone with some street smarts and a lot of chain fights do your job.
    She doesn’t even know what an Abrams will do to a Volkswagen when it rolls over it. When done to about eight of them they fit very nicely on a flatbed semi-truck trailer.

    • People we must ACT! Our lives and country depend on it.
      GERMAN consulate to UN:
      located right across of from United Nations @
      871 UN Plaza.
      VISIT before these Nazis get us nuked!

  3. Russia won’t nuke Ukraine, or anywhere on European soil. They will come directly at the US with china hitting the west coast Europeans will hunker down and watch like they always do. Then they will live under Russian domination. Russia has the nukes and the natural gas they need to survive. Putin is not the idiot they are making him out to be. He has created a widow of opportunity and I believe he will take the chance to topple the US while biden has the country so weak and the US dollar is about to collapse.

    • I agree, do you think that’s why the West has had so many military personnel pricked, it leaves us wide open to a walkover once they fall ill or die. Hypothetically is it time to move to another country lol

  4. What is she, like 25? Obviously doesn’t remember the last time Russia parked tanks in Germany. Backing the Satanists all the way. Bad move.

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