Video: Pfizer’s head of research admits the company is exploring mutating Covid virus for vaccines

When the reality becomes scarier than the worst conspiracy theories - Pfizer head of research admits the company is exploring mutating Covid virus for vaccines
When the reality becomes scarier than the worst conspiracy theories – Pfizer head of research admits the company is exploring mutating Covid virus for vaccines

When the reality becomes scarier than the worst conspiracy theories…

Pfizer’s head of research admits the company is exploring mutating Covid virus for vaccines…

Here is the video on Twitter:

Youtube has removed the video from Project Veritas:

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  1. .50cal hay my friend i am sorry please know visitor is not American other wise would help this news
    agency created more better.. Not scamming us… He is agent of UK MI6 lol…. UK will destroy USA and world soon with WW3 starts from Iran … Eggs in California 9.00 EBT of people reduced to crap by MARCH 2023 and pending riots with price hikes.. 9 meals away from riots in USA… duck duck go it?

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      Anonymous + Visitor / same trollbecile as 2 weeks ago.

  2. Ar-dee loves vexxxines, and all “safe real” vexxxines have caused autesum and “neuro-diversity” to destroy entire societies. Repent of your idolatry and seek Yeshua Jesus ALONE or enjoy having demons ripping at your body forever in the lake of fire:

    Ar-dee is a satanist and controlled opposition puppet, he is seen just below a Baphomet statue. Tell me you’re “saved” while screeching, and rabidly attacking evidence against your favorite false jesus. Patriotism is idolatry and no idolater enters the kingdom of Yahweh. (?FLORIDA IN DANGER: FL GOVERNOR DESANTIS ANOTHER DOUBLE SPEAKING FORK TONGUE LIZARD)

    This man has nothing against the MMR shot, and you seriously believe in the satanic myth of “safer smaller” vaccines? That’s the junk Del Bigtree believes, and he is also controlled opposition. Both of these men give lots of money to vexxxine companies, possibly including Fyzer/Astra666Zeneca/Moderna/etc.

    • The trollbecile paranoid schizophrenic fa99ot is back. Busted. Using a new icon/fake fa99ot email probably too.

      • You have proven to me you love curse words and the farma-cootical industry more than Jesus/Yahashua. Every true believer (like Daniel in Bel and the Dragon – Apocrypha) in the last days will likely be persecuted and round up as “schizophrenics” by viper Christians and their S.O.S. church cult members. That’s why every state, even Foloriduh, is building “tiny house” Feemah camps everywhere with Luciferase black lights. It’s not “schizo” to state that movies and TV/official emergency agencies are hinting at a literal zombie apocalypse, as seen in the Tubi/Netflix series “Lost Vegas” where the marks were “tampered with” to create ravenous, flesh-eating super soldier zombies similar to the hexxxine marked Incredible Hulk. A microchip cannot do that, not even Mudslime Eelawn’s brain implants.

    • “safer smaller” AstraZeneca HQ in the Hague (Netherlands) literally has 666 outside their headquarters. One 6 is raised to the top far right to seem “less satanic” to lukewarm believers who are headed for the lake of fire once they pass. “Christian” sheeple and foul-mouthed, vile emoji spammers like 50chalk still stupidly claim this “isn’t the mark of the beast” like parrots in a cage. If you choose governors over Jesus I hope you burn in the lake of fire forever, unless you truly repent, for your endless vileness, profanity, hypersexual obsessions and idolatry. Don’t matter what side they’re on. Democrats and Republicans are all crooked. Switzerland, the Illuminati and Masonic Atlantis (USAtan) all founded in the year 1776. That’s a fact. You CANNOT be an idolater for ANY reason. You hate non-Americans and truly awake Americans, right?

      • Radio news hasn’t picked up the story. Apparently the taxpayer’s money they received to endorse pharma-sorcery is far too lucrative.

    • The people who call this “a fake hexxxine” are the same sheep/caged parrots who think the earth’s a spinning globe around a gigantic faraway sun, or that vir-uses somehow exist, or that the USA-tan was ever on or ever will be on Yah-weh’s side. All “hexxxines”, “fake” and “real”, have cri-ppled and taken out millions, especially babies and children, and no one talks about au-ti-sm or its horrendous severe cases anymore, even the “alt-ernative” media is completely silent on this. Pharisees and human S.O.S. (read Revelation to decode this) vipers like 50chalk will attack, harass, and blaspheme true disciples of Yeshua, to lead them towards Lucifer via becoming “disillusioned with Christianity” as in 33rd degree Albert Pike’s own words.

  3. Pure evil! Profits by intentionally creating human misery. But then, I think seasonal flu has been create via the flu shot since they first started pushing it in the 1970’s. There is a book called, “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”. As the story goes it is compiled from some papers a British Colonel discovered in the late 1800s. They try and claim it a fraud, but as you read it, everything for the last 100+ years is right in line with what it says. Anyway, it says right in there that, “We shall wear them down with vaccines”. Published over 100 years ago.

    • Yep, of course, if you mention that you are dubbed a conspiracy theorist and anti-semite. That part is part of their commie (khazar) tactics. Same thing leftists do when they call you a racist, homophobe, and trannyphobe if you oppose their lies and propaganda. Alinskyish too. Of course, Alinsky was a pedohomo and luciferian satanist. Hahahha

      • Rawn Duhsanta Claus is approving “anti-sem-mite” speech crackdown laws in “the freedom state” (sounds like Germany in the 1930’s to true disciples), but don’t worry lukewarms and fake Christians who think Daddy Ar-dee will magically provide you with food and wine from thin air, when you’re no longer able to buy or sell without the mark everywhere, including the “freedom state” too.

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