WOW! Asteroid Sar2667 explodes over English channel in ‘huge meteor fireball’

English Channel asteroid video
English Channel asteroid videos. Picture via Youtube videos

An asteroid exploded in the night sky after entering Earth’s atmosphere over the Channel.

The small asteroid, called Sar2667 by scientists, was predicted to make impact at about 3am by the European Space Agency.

It entered the Earth’s atmosphere at a speed of 14 kilometers per second and burned up over the English Channel…

This is just the seventh correct prediction of this kind of phenomena…

Here some videos! Enjoy!

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  2. I recommend, The Red Balloon, 1956. That will cheer everyone up. Fantastic short film. My father took me to see this when I was a kid, and we had the book too.

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  4. More fireballs. These are rocks from the trashy tail of Nibiru. They call them asteroids, but we have been seeing a lot of these. I understand they will continue to increase in frequency. But none will be planet killers like 50cal is talking about on Star Trek. I will try and find it, but several years ago, a Russian Astronomer publicly commented on a fireball as being from the trashy tail of Nibiru. Western media censured him. I’ll look around.

    • Here is one of his statements I found, (By the way, he is now dead):

      A brouhaha over a Russian astronomer’s statements has recently erupted in the media. Dr Zakharovich states that NASA is lying about an asteroid scheduled to pass by the Earth on February 25, saying it will arrive on February 16, and is not an asteroid but debris from the Nibiru entourage. This hit the press on January 26th and was the subject on the open lines on Coast to Coast on January 27th. Asteroid 2016 WF9 is also located at present just above the Constellation Cetus, along the Ecliptic and just to the left of the Sun.

    • Probably is Nibiru related. We also have more video cam on phones. I know we had fireballs /bolides in the past, but now we have more opprtunity to see them as most people have video capabilites now.

      I just like Star Trek oldies. Some of it is predictive, most is just fun compared to the crap tv lame ass writers produce today. Especially all the satanic undercurrents and pervert agenda.

      • Yeah, old Star Trek on dvd is remastered. So some of the new cgi effects are in there now. My old 1964 RCA tv I used to watch them on showed it much different than now, but back in those days it was probably one of the best shows going on. You can’t say they didn’t have diversity in those days either, as some people claim.

    • Watched a dvd 1968, The Paradise Syndrome. Old Star Trek, season 3. Anyways, there is a giant asteroid heading toward a planet. Enterprise has to split the asteroid before it hits a planet full of Indians and an obelisk. Engineer Scott is trying to keep the power supplied to phaser banks, but keep from draining power to the warp drive.
      Funny how plot lines in these shows have meaning still with respect to what will inevitably happen again on earth. We won’t be splitting asteroids, or diverting their path despite what that news video showed last month.

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