CDC updated the toxicological profile of Vinyl Chloride in January 2023 to justify CARDIAC issues of the poisonous substance

CDC changes definition of Vinyl Chloride in January 2023 just before Ohio disaster
CDC changes the toxicological profile of Vinyl Chloride in January 2023 just before Ohio disaster

Yes, that’s another amazing coincidence…

The CDC just updated the toxilogical profile of Vinyl Chloride in january 2023… See the two versions (2006 and 2023) below…

Here’s a major change found by one of the reader of the newsletter!

‘And now GO to page 71 of the old and page 42 of the new ‘safety’ profile:

in 2006, quote:

‘At high concentrations (>30,000 ppm), vinyl chloride was been shown to sensitize the heart to epinephrine, resulting in cardiac arrhythmias in dogs (Clark and Tinston 1973).

No histopathological changes in the heart were noted in guinea pigs exposed o 400,000 ppm of vinyl chloride for 30 minutes (Mastromatteo et al. 1960).’

in 2023, quote:

‘At high concentrations (>150,000 ppm), vinyl chloride was shown to sensitize the heart to epinephrine, resulting in cardiac arrhythmias in dogs (Carr et al. 1949).

‘No histopathological changes in the heart were noted in guinea pigs exposed to 400,000 pm of vinyl chloride for 30 minutes (Mastromatteo et al. 1960).’

And NOW the 2023 version justifies CARDIAC issues of vinyl chloride in new added section, quote:

‘This was demonstrated in a dog study where the EC50 for cardiac sensitization for vinyl chloride was determined to be 50,000 ppm (Clark and Tinston 1973).

Cardiac sensitization by halogenated hydrocarbons generally occurs at very high air concentrations (0.5–90%) when the compounds were tested as anesthetic agents in experimental studies (Brock et al. 2003). Therefore, it appears unlikely that individuals exposed to low levels of vinyl chloride will experience these effects.

Changing definitions or deleting websites are the new ways the elites are using to cover up their evil agenda… Was this Ohio’s Chernobyl intentional?

Link to January 2023 CDC pdf

Link to CDC 2006 pdf

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