Instead of being in Ohio, Greta is promoting her new book now available in Canada and the US

Greta is promoting her new book instead of talking about one of the greatest climate disasters unfolding in Ohio, USA right now
Greta is promoting her new book instead of talking about one of the greatest climate disasters unfolding in Ohio, USA right now

The climate clowns ignoring the cataclysmic Ohio environmental disaster show they only care about money, power and their ‘pretty’ little faces… And, most of all, their absence clearly shows they really don’t give a DAMN about our Planet Earth…

And you want to know what our Greta is currently doing? She is currently promoting her new book (now available in Canada and in the U.S.)…

Greta via Twitter: ‘I’m so pleased to share that The Climate Book is now available in the USA and Canada! I have gathered the wisdom of over one hundred contributors to highlight the many different crises we face and equip us with the knowledge we need to avoid a climate disaster.

Yes, you cannot make this stuff up…

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    • Well, yep. Wish her get some help from Christ so she can see she is being used a pawn for satan’s spawn. I think a come to a deprogramming meeting with Christ should do the trick.

    • You blasphemed Holy Spirit by calling his spirit in me “Satan” 50Cal and you brought up me “hallucinating” about videos I saw online on Odysee about these new hybrid babies being born. If I was “hallucinating” about these things I’d never give you links to anything. I don’t know why you hate me so much.

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      “The legislation, known as House Bill 1, requires that parents receiving public funding take government-approved tests every year. Because testing drives curriculum, and many (if not all) of the tests are aligned with the politically toxic Common Core, critics are warning that the bill would force many homeschoolers and private-school students back into the government system they fled.”

      FL is intentionally becoming the ideal mousetrap for the brain-rotted slave mice, and no region should force tests on profoundly handicapped/violent au.ti.stic students who can become the incredible hulk when something goes wrong, as did Kreed Joshua.

      • Tell us about those ” black-eyed baby nephilm crawling up refrigerator.” Or was that just one of your hallucinations?

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        I have been researching about au.tis.tic people for many years since I have au.tis.m too, as a child mine was quite severe and I had multiple profound sensory and learning problems (had to have alot of SLP/OT/PT growing up) and was almost solely homeschooled and never went to “high” school which would’ve made me su.icdal as an emotionally fragile teenager. Thankfully I’m “high functioning” enough to expose your gods and idols and kindly warn you this toxic mark of the beast – the C thing – is NOT a “fake” V nor a precursor. 50cal I don’t want to say it, but you are an unrepentant monster and a bully, you are spiritually immature and you cuss/speak foul and filthy language, attack Yahweh’s true disciples, you make crude and gross jokes about body parts/nasty things and so much more. I survived PANDAS and demon possession as a child which made me do very evil things similar to what you’re still doing. You’re going to the pit, 50cal, “once saved always saved” is false doctrine you utilise to sit on your tooshy watching Fawx News/your gods saying they’ll save USA.tan Babylon. I became profoundly disabled and violent/unable to attend school due to all those “wonderful real safe” V’s that have supposedly saved so many lives.

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    Her daddy is a simple Jewish billionaire and
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    As Greta distracts the world with her staged nonsense, your entertainment idols and false christs are actively destroying the USA, Canada, Japan, England, Australia and all countries for the NWO on all political parties, even this man and his Masonic handlers on his “pediatric health” – hellth – panel proving this j.ou is not against the mark of the beast.

    • Trump has nothing against this global kaballah/kabal cult, neither does Bolsonaro, Desatanis, or anyone in power on either party anywhere. Yeshua Jesus, our creator, is your ONLY way out. No other way.

      I’ll not be surprised if Yeshua unleashes Tameri/Egypt-style plagues onto all these “ free countries” that have intentionally destroyed themselves and their children with the marks of the beast/charagmas of all kinds, not just the new ones, for decades they’ve been doing this with little public outcry. I’m scared that “Tiger country” will soon destroy the weak, spiritually lost, feminized, developmentally disabled nations of USA,, Korea and more by design. British-American Pilgrims society/Freemasons very likely created both the CCP and USA.

  4. Hahahaha! Typical for them. Of course that climate fucks don`t care at all about real nature and environment. Exactly the oppostie – they want to destroy, poison and defile environment and climate as much as possible. To make Earth a barren, cold, dark, grey and extremely polluted wasteland. Imagine a world which is not only dystopian like in 1984, Brave New World or movie Equilibrium, but also where there is never sun, never summer, always grey, cloudy and dark, temperatures not exceeding 5*C, absolutely no plants and animals, but just overpopulated cities-prisons and toxic junkyards, and seas, lakes and rivers so toxic that taking a swim here would kill in minutes or seconds.

    • KM like dystopia for everyone but themselves. Thy each want 2,800 slaves and pedo the children. Yes, I know it sounds horrible, but it is true.

      • Yes, I know this. And only 2800 slaves per one globalist hm… I think they want much more, and keep these slaves caged like in Calhoun experiment.

  5. She is very depressed and has been put on many medications. She will cut the winy of her husband
    lol…. No one will merry him.

  6. This is a cult. This hobbit needs deprogramming. The scientists that sold out for grant money need to be outed and exposed as frauds. If we burn those books do our ESG scores go down?

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