Strongest earthquake in 40 years rattle residents of Buffalo, NY

M3.8 earthquake hits Buffalo on February 6, 2023 - Largest quake in 40 years
M3.8 earthquake hits Buffalo on February 6, 2023 – Largest quake in 40 years. Epicenter map via USGS

A 3.8-magnitude earthquake struck Monday morning near Buffalo, New York, the strongest recorded in the area in 40 years.

The quake hit 1.24 miles east-northeast of West Seneca, New York, with a depth of 1.86 miles around 6:15 a.m., according to the United States Geological Survey.

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz said no damage reports have been received so far in West Seneca, a suburb of Buffalo that sits near the U.S.-Canada border.

He added he spoke with the Erie County Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services’ Deputy Commissioner Gregory J. Butcher, who said a “confirmed quake was felt as far north as Niagara Falls and south to Orchard Park.”

It felt like a car hit my house in Buffalo. I jumped out of bed,” Poloncarz said.

Yaareb Altaweel, a seismologist at the National Earthquake Information Center, said Northeast earthquakes “happen all the time” and quakes can strike anywhere at any time.

Since 1983, there have been 24 earthquakes above a magnitude of 2.5 in the West Seneca region, with Monday’s being the largest so far in the area.

Altaweel said there was another 3.8-magnitude quake that took place in 1999 in western New York.

On a scale of earthquakes, 3.8 isn’t that big. But the crust in that region is old crust. It’s old and cold and the efficiency of transferring the seismic waves versus sedimentary areas — that’s why people can feel it more. That’s why earthquakes can be felt even at 1.0 in some places,” Altaweel explained.

Altaweel said that a 3.8-magnitude quake is “not a big earthquake that you’d expect damage from.”

If you have enough time, look at the videos inside this compilation…

Pre-existing fractures and fault lines can be the cause of earthquakes hitting so far inland, he said.

Altaweel said there’s nothing abnormal about this shock.

I’d say it’s very normal. There was one, a 2.6 in March 2022. There was another 2 in 2020. These keep happening in this region at low magnitude,” he explained.

Across the globe, an initial 7.8-magnitude earthquake in southeastern Turkey was followed hours later by a 7.5-magnitude quake that shook buildings and left more than 8,100 people dead in the country and neighboring Syria. The toll is expected to rise sharply on both sides of the border.

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    Heavily populated cities such as New York and L.A. would be primary targets – but more rural areas also at risk
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  2. The shakes that never shaken will be shaken.. Third Shaking of planet is in full motion till people cry for peace for all nations… Before that every where will get worst misery in to misery.

    • Hmmmm?? Wonder why the Pancake has earthquakes? Or maybe we should call them “panquakes”. Or flatquakes. But why does a flat earth have quakes? There are no tidal forces. Everything should be nice and quiet. Of course, there should be no weather pattern either. Should be nice and calm like a greenhouse. Speaking of that, where does the heat go? Things being all sealed up under a dome and all. Then there’s those pesky satellites zipping by every 90 minutes. South to North, South to North. Continuously but a little further west each time. And then there are those fireballs coming down from???? where?? And of course, the high and low tide on the coasts. No moon with a gravity tugging the oceans side to side, just a round what up there being shaded by?? what as there is no sun just a heat lamp. Takes a certain level of stupid to think the Earth is flat.

  3. The Seaway Fault is showing stress. The New Madrid will trigger a major adjustment they say, and Buffalo gets hits very hard. Warning, I think. As always, I think it was much bigger than reported.

      • Michael,
        The Rockies get active during the pole shift, not for the NM Event. That’s why the Federal Government has been moved to Denver. So West of the Rockies during Pole Shift is in motion as they are to push about 50 miles east of the Continental Divide and cause rumpling on the Praire. But for the NM Event, this region is not impacted. So locate at least 50 miles east of the Divide, or most anywhere on the west side of the Divide, but it will be moving. The west coast will be violent with EQs and Volcanos. No place in CA will be predictably safe. Whole west coast also will have a lot of hot earth. Guess eastern and south eastern Oregon does OK. About the only are on the west coast.

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