Sabotage? Fire breaks out at US-owned drone factory in Latvia


The majority of the unusual fires reported recently have been on Russian territory – and it’s reasonable to suppose some of those were sabotage – and one wonders if this one, being in Latvia, was just an accident, or whether there’s another explanation… Cause of the fire still unknown…

Fire breaks out at US-owned drone factory in Latvia
Fire breaks out at US-owned drone factory in Latvia

A US-owned drone factory near Riga airport in the Baltic nation of Latvia was ablaze Tuesday, according to emergency services in the small Baltic nation.

The Edge Autonomy unmanned aerial vehicle production plant was partially engulfed in flames, with large plumes of dark smoke reaching towards the sky.

The AFP news agency reported more than 20 police cars, nine fire engines and five ambulances were at the scene of the blaze. Latvian broadcaster LTV shared video taken from the road showing black smoke belowing out of the burning factory.

Residents were advised to steer clear of the smoke. State Fire and Rescue Service told state news agency Leta that they received a call shortly after 3:00 p.m. local time (1300 GMT) that the facility was alight.

On Twitter, the fire service said, “A high-risk fire has occurred in the production building, sparking a lot of smoke.

The Edge Autonomy facility in Latvia

The Edge Autonomy factory is located near Riga airport, though flight operations were not affected by the fire. A representative of the airport Ilze Salna said one of five of the airport fire brigades had been dispatched to the scene to help put out the blaze.

Fire destroys US-drone company in Latvia
Good Bye! Fire destroys US-drone company in Latvia. Picture: G. Ivuskans

The facility delivers unmanned systems technologies to academic, commercial and government clients in 70 countries, including Ukraine and NATO allies.

According to the company website, the California-based company produces long-range unmanned aircraft for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

The company was founded in 2009. [DW, Edge Autonomy]

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  1. Drones + Nerve gas or Chemical agent.

    There’s a video on TGP site. It shows two Russian soldiers, a Pukraine drone attack on them using chemical weapons. My guess is nerve gas. The soldiers are in a trench. The trench has water about waist high. The drone drops the capsule, and it explodes. One soldier starts having convulsions. The second soldier appears to be overcome while attempting to rescue. He starts flailing about, and is overcome. It appears blood is coming out of his mouth. I did not post link. It is disturbing video. Not for sensitive viewers.

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  4. Baltic states are weak and extreme leftist US colonies and will do everything against themselves just to do something against Russia. Like Poland they scream that Russia is USSR and extremely imperialist, but are totally blind to western communism and totalitarianism that already flooded them many years ago.

    • Haha probably they will do soon. “Genius” polishmen blamed Russia even for extreme inflation and extreme prices of everything, especially fuels and energy. I even saw banners in warsaw with painted Putin and electric pylon and description “High energy prices are his weapon too”. Shame as fuck.

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