Total loss! Seafood processing plant destroyed by violent blaze


It seems like sabotaging the food chain has become a priority… A food processing plant in the Canadian province of New Brunswick went up in flames Friday. The building produces fertilizer and animal feed…

Destruction of seafood plant in New Brunswick, Canada
Destruction of seafood plant in New Brunswick, Canada

Jim LeBlanc, owner of W.E. Acres Crabmeal Ltd., said the structure was a “total loss,” according to the Canadian Television Network.

The fire erupted at about 2 p.m.

LeBlanc told CTV News the fire was started by an explosion in an oil drum. However, Ronald Cormier, fire chief of the village of Cap-Pelé, said the cause of the fire is still unknown, but that it did not appear to have been arson, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

Although Cormier was quoted as saying no one was in the building when the fire started and no one was injured, LeBlanc said four people were inside and that he and one worker suffered minor injuries.

Myself and one of my co-workers were injured, like burnt… first and second-degree burns. We’ll heal,” he told CTV. LeBlanc told CTV his co-worker who was injured went to the hospital for treatment of second-degree burns.

The building produces fertilizer and animal feed, LeBlanc said. Cormier told the CBC six fire departments spent more than four hours fighting the blaze.

According to the CBC, the fire was the fourth fish plant fire in the region including two fires that took place in 2021 and one from 2019.

After the second of the 2021 fires, which took place on two successive weekends, Louise Landry, mayor of the village of Beaubassin-est, said the incidents were unusual, according to CBC.

“We’re quite concerned. The authorities will have to do the inquiries and we don’t want to jump to any conclusions. It’s also a loss of businesses, of jobs as well. And of course, all the residents that had to be evacuated today, [it] was quite scary for them also.” [TJ, CTV, CBC, WJ]

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  1. Adding new sauce:

    Just when you thought frozen and salad vegetables were available.

    Dole get cyberjacked. Answer me this. How obvious is it the satanic kabal is behind attacks on our food supply?

    • They have the motive. Yes
    • They have the means. Yes
    • They have the opportunity. Yes

    Bingo! You win a free fake steak and potato dinner care of the chef at the WEF.

  2. It’s a war against humanity

    What will it take for the second Americas Revolution?

    The tipping point is coming and both sides know its inevitable

    • Yeah, well that is what they want. If people go off half cocked, then their next move his martial law, and door to door disarmament. Obviously they don’t give a crap about our Constitution. The 1/6 incident wasn’t an insurrection, it was the marxist coup d’etat.

  3. This is because they say food is corrupt due to viruses or fire etc .. But the food is taken underground for corrupt new world order …. to survive… beware of false flag operation runs by the NWO… WW3 is
    has been started many years ago now we see it smell it and touch it ? I love New World Order but my NWO is for all nations and all member are permanent members not like now only 10-11 nation are run the show… Real NWO will be no left any one behind or nations.. World peace no more money for wars but for the mankind no money or AI control of world.. 2023 yet will be determind of AIworldGov?

  4. Chicken hatcheries and farms, seafood plants, grain processing plants. Wouldn’t surprise me if wef assmonkeys paid saboteurs to do felony arson crimes. They invest in fake meat, and bugs. So they can create demand by killing normal food supplies. Duh.

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