Düsseldorf, Germany gets its first Arabic street sign


In Düsseldorf, ten street names are to be translated into other languages and given additional signs. The first street name in the city has been translated into Arabic… شارع إلَرْ can now also be read above the Ellerstraße sign.

This step is not welcome by everybody… Really?

Councilor Samy Charchira explained that bilingual street signs are “a symbolic expression of social inclusion”. They would show “that people identify with their district and the diversity in it.” The Green politician continues: “The more people identify with their district, the more social responsibility they can and will take on,” which is good for the people, Oberbilk and Düsseldorf. Many citizens with Moroccan roots live in the district crossed by the Ellerstrasse.

According to the ” Rheinischer Post,” the city’s integration council decided last May that the “international flair” of Düsseldorf should also be made clear by street signs in the future. In each of the ten districts of Düsseldorf, a street name is to be translated into another language – sometimes in Arabic or Cyrillic characters.

The chairman of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, Aiman Mazyek, praised the implementation on Twitter on Friday. It is the first street sign in Arabic in Germany. This multilingualism is common practice in many countries around the world. Düsseldorf shows “diversity” and shows respect for immigrant Germans, Mazyek wrote. [More]

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