Everyone is desperately looking for employees? Open job requests everywhere? BS

fake job postings
WSJ: fake job postings

Did you hear that too? Everyone is desperately looking for employees? Open job requests everywhere! How can that be? No one wants to work anymore?

Here’s a possible explanation from The Wall Street Journal :

Among those who said they advertised job postings that they weren’t actively trying to fill, close to half said they kept the ads up to give the impression the company was growing. One-third of the managers who said they advertised jobs they weren’t trying to fill said they kept the listings up to placate overworked employees.

Everything is beautiful, everything is fine on the outside and crumbling in the inside… [WSJ]

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  1. 50% of people don’t pay income tax. We have too many people capable of working, that are lazy, sit on their ass, and collect a check welfare bums. Government subsidizes these bums using our tax dollars. Then the bums vote for more welfare so they can sit on their ass and complain about not having enough welfare money to buy their dope and booze.

    • The same is in ukropoland! Exactly the same! Dopers, junkies and boozers are bought for voting. And there are 2 extremes, doperbums on one side and karoshi-style overworked slaves on other side working on government gangsters and bums. Plus if we add to this insanely enormous so-called income tax (officially “only” 32%) and all insurances, even good employer with conscience just can`t afford to employ many workers. So they and companies employ 1 worker toiling for 5, instead of 5 where everyone could earn money with a little work. So there is 1 person dying from overwork, stress, depression and lack of sleep, and 4 bums preying on taxes or dying from hunger and rotting alive under bridge in puddle of own vomits.

  2. Doesn’t surprise me in the least.Also allows them to falsely claim a good economy.
    Those looking for work are disgusted with the lies scams setups.If you can find a legitimate job offer.You then need to prune the list of those who always have ads as they are a nightmare to work for..It’s a lot slimer pickens for real work.

    • Yep, plenty of crappy jobs available. Minimum wage was $1.85 when I punched a time clock at 13. I was happy to have a job then. Now, pay is much higher, but the Protestant Work Ethic has been bred out of working people. Most people in our area prefer to drink beer and slam dope on Uncle Sam’s dime. Have a current fence contract, which has 50% down payment. Workers are scheduled. Wait is six weeks out. ?

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