Japanese astronomer catches meteorite smashing into the moon on Feb. 23

Asteroid impacts moon video
Asteroid impacts moon video. Via Twitter

A Japanese astronomer captured the telltale flash of a meteorite impacting the moon, causing a brief flash on our celestial neighbor’s nightside.

Daichi Fujii, curator of the Hiratsuka City Museum, recorded the event using cameras set to monitor the moon.

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The time of the flash was 20:14:30.8 Japan Standard Time (7:14 a.m. EST, or 1114 GMT) on Feb. 23. The meteorite appears to have struck near Ideler L crater, slightly northwest of Pitiscus crater, Fujii said.

Meteors travel on average at around 30,000 mph (48,280 kph), or 8.3 miles per second (13.4 km/s). Their high-velocity impacts generate intense heat and create craters, while also giving out a brilliant flash of visible light. Moon impacts can be seen from Earth, as captured above, if they are large enough and occur in an area during lunar nighttime facing Earth.

The newly created crater could be around a dozen meters (39 feet) in diameter and may eventually be imaged by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter or India’s Chandrayaan 2 lunar probe, Fujii said. [Report Door]

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  1. Thank you for a great story, enjoyed it. But you mentioned the word “meteorite” struck the moon a couple of times. Meteorites are fragments of a meteor that are left over after a meteor impacts something. Don’t mean to get all semantic just an FYI for future reference.

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  4. ?? just saying. I mean, the moon, we all now know it’s just a light, very close. Can see clouds behind and in front of it. It’s like us, under the dome. Maybe if people would wake up here and leave the space lies to the professional liars (I e. NASA, etc) this site would rack in more money and support. No one is gonna support the old brainwashed way of thinking anymore ?

  5. It appears to be a large meteor and only ~200,000 miles from earth. The atmosphere would have reduced its mass had it hit earth, but the devastation could still be severe. I thought the govt. was monitoring such large objects. I guess not. Or was it joe’s night to watch?

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