Super-tanker anchored off Yemen’s coast ‘may explode at any moment’


But, off course, it won’t be removed… It’s just Yemen after all…

A giant super-tanker anchored off the coast of Yemen is “likely to sink or explode at any moment”, a United Nations official has said.

The FSO Safer, which contains more than a million barrels of oil, was abandoned in 2015 during the Yemen civil war and is now starting to fall apart.

David Gressly, UN humanitarian coordinator for Yemen, said authorities need to act quickly to stop one million barrels of oil from spilling into the Red Sea.

He told Sky News: “We don’t want the Red Sea to become the Black Sea, that’s what’s going to happen.

“It’s an ancient vessel, a 1976 super tanker from that era, and therefore is not only old but unmaintained and likely to sink or explode at any moment.

“Those who know the vessel, including the captain that used to command the vessel, tell me that it’s a certainty.

“It’s not a question of ‘if’, it is only a question of ‘when’, so it is important that we act as quickly as we can or it will eventually spill one million barrels of oil into the Red Sea.

“We really have no way out except to solve the problem.”

An oil spill would take two to three weeks to spread all the way up to Saudi Arabia, across to Eritrea and down to Djibouti, according to recent modelling by the Nature Sustainability scientific journal.

Within days it would shut Yemen’s key Red Sea ports of Hudayah and Salif, ending food aid relied upon by nearly six million people.

It would have a devastating environment impact and is likely to destroy coral reefs and protected coastal mangrove forests.

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  1. The Safer, which contains more than 1.14 million barrels of oil, has been moored in the Red Sea since 2015 with little or no maintenance! Why leave the oil tanker out that long! With the cost of oil, why have smaller vessels pump out what they need, since the Untied Nations ( yes untied, not united ) couldn’t pay for a tanker. Yes they have plenty of money, and those rich elite, Gates, WEfers and the like, who claim they want to save the earth, could have contributed money years ago. Enviromentalists, right.

    But I think it’s much more than what’s on the surface. If the tanker explodes, or sinks, the oil spill will have far reaching effects.
    It would be about two or three weeks before the oil spreads to Saudi Arabia, across Eritrea, down to Djibouti, Aden, port cities.

    It will disrupt Desalination plants, no water for the people. The oil slick would effectivly shut it all down.

    Food aid for Yemen would be halted, six million people would starve to death.
    Fuel too would cease to be delivered, that would effect 8 million people.

    Why isn’t the wealthy Saudi Arabia helping. I guess Saudi Arabia’s money is tied up in projects like the macabre Mukaab for the wealthy.

    I guess killing off billions with their toxic vexxine, gmo foods ect isn’t enough for them.

    The elite doesn’t care about the devastating effects of oil spills, on people, animals or the enviroment. Like the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska.

    They have had enough time to prevent this.
    Perhaps this is what they plan to happen. Use this disaster to shut down fossil fuels.

    It’s yet another cataclysm waiting to happen…Never let a disaster go to waste…..

  2. ‘It would have a devastating environment impact and is likely to destroy coral reefs and protected coastal mangrove forests.”

    So where is Miss Greta Thunberg? She isn’t in East Palestine, Ohio either. Typical.

      • But a puppet can always choose to cut the strings and be free.

        btw I tried to comment about the large coronal hole and nasa editing photos on the sun tornado topic. I couldnt find a new topic about it. I will wait a bit longer if you wish to make a new post about this large coronal hole due to arrive this Friday. keep up the good work.

  3. I guess the insurance premium that would be charged by Lloyd’s to enter a warzone exceeds the value of the oil, remember, just a guess.

  4. Do they really expect us to believe this BS?Million gallons ,sure right and it’s been left there not a ghost chance in hades.
    Been left for eight years.All of a sudden something must be done.
    That’s the same line scanners use.
    Guess they need another cash infusion

  5. Saudi should send over a super tanker and pump oil from from the 1976 vessel into another super tanker asap. Nip that problem in the bud.

  6. So it’s been 8 years and now we must act? How about giving us more of the story. Who would leave 1 million barrels of oil just sitting there? Besides fear what are you selling here?

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