The next Big Bank scandal: JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank to face lawsuits over Jeffrey Epstein ties

JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank to face lawsuits over Jeffrey Epstein ties
JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank to face lawsuits over Jeffrey Epstein ties

A US judge has ruled that a pair of lawsuits accusing two major banks, JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank, of knowingly benefiting from ties to sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein can proceed, though in a narrower form than had been initially filed.

The court also ruled that a third lawsuit, brought by the US Virgin Islands where Epstein owned a private island where he hosted friends including Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and Britain’s Prince Andrew, claiming that JPMorgan enabled the late financier’s sex trafficking operation can also proceed.

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The judge said he would issue a fuller opinion “in due course”.

The plaintiff argued that Epstein was given special treatment because he brought in wealthy clients.

The rulings clear the way from plaintiffs in the lawsuits to pursue further discovery ahead of a trial.

Mary Erdoes, JPMorgan’s asset and wealth management chief executive officer, was deposed earlier this month.

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