The "storm train" will keep on rolling into California this week


Golden State residents are bracing for another strong storm which threatens to bring more flooding, wind damage and blizzard conditions to the state through the middle of this week…


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    • They’re all like that in this age. It’s a requirement for every on air meteorologist, non-disclosure signing faggot. Effeminate, clingy, tight suit pants (disgusting; what happened to the manly suits? I still have a dozen in my closet and will wear them when necessary. Plenty of room in the legs. No tight, ankle hugging queer gear for me.) The controllers have effectively by psyops, injection and propaganda through the media have feminized mankind in this age.

  1. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. I heard some NPR clownhead on the radio blathering on about how the recent storms/snowpack weren’t enough to offset the droughts. ?

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