BOMB CYCLONE atmospheric river slams California! 5 dead, 135,000 power outages reported in California after another monster Pineapple Express storm brings heavy rain and hurricane-force winds

Bomb Cyclone atmospheric river slams California again
Bomb Cyclone atmospheric river slams California again

At least five people have died after a “bomb cyclone” associated with an atmospheric river swept through California on Tuesday and Wednesday — unleashing heavy rain, powerful winds and at least one tornado (in LA, can you imagine that?).

More than 135,000 California homes and businesses were without power Wednesday morning after another atmospheric river walloped the storm-fatigued state with heavy rain and hurricane-force winds.

The storm’s ferocious winds downed trees and damaged power lines across California, where at some point Tuesday most of the state’s population – more than 35 million people – were under some kind of weather alert, including a brief tornado warning in Ventura County.

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Utility company Pacific Gas and Electric said the storm system “exceeded all expectations,” damaging electric infrastructure and knocking out power to thousands. The company said its crews are working as quickly as possible to assess equipment damaged by the storm, but spokesperson Carina Corral warned that flooding, fallen trees and other obstacles can slow down restoration efforts.

In San Francisco, five people were injured – four of them critically – by falling trees at various locations across the city during the storm Tuesday afternoon, San Francisco Fire Department spokesperson Johnathan Baxter said.

The San Francisco International Airport reported a ground delay of more than four hours on average because of high winds, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

The storm brought hurricane-force winds to multiple areas Tuesday, including 102 mph winds at Magic Mountain Truck Trail, 83 mph at Palomar Mountain Lookout, both in southern California, and farther north, 74 mph winds in Oakland.

State transportation officials reported snow and windy conditions in the mountains of Southern California’s Riverside and San Bernardino counties, where officials had recommended residents maintain at least a two-week supply of food, water, medication and fuel ahead of the storm’s arrival.

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“Visibility is at a big ‘nope’ today,” the state transportation department for the region wrote on Twitter. “Please consider travel when conditions are more favorable. If you must travel, be prepared and stay safe.”

Many areas across southern California had already received more than 2 inches of rainfall by Tuesday afternoon, with more showers still to come Wednesday. “This will foster concerns for rapid runoff, flooding and mudslides given the already wet, saturated soil conditions,” the National Weather Service said.

The worry was that heavy rain and snow could worsen conditions for communities still flooded from the previous atmospheric river that pummeled the state – and ended just days ago.

California has already seen at least 12 atmospheric rivers this winter season that ravaged communities, displaced residents and prompted emergency declarations as floodwater inundated neighborhoods, swelled rivers, damaged roads and sent mud and rocks sliding down hills. [CNN]

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    • Election fraud is in every state now. The “New California” movement shows dissatisfaction with marxist-satanist freakshows. Back in time, Orange County was a Conservative stronghold too.

  1. These atmospheric rivers usually hit us every year all year here in Southeast Alaska. Been strange to see them so far south. Maybe we will have a few years of drier weather. While the rest of ya get a taste of SE AK weather. Enjoy ; ) but stay safe……..and dry.

  2. What ever happened to El Nino and La Nina? Now we have atmospheric rivers and bomb cyclones.
    I’m so confused, did “the woke” kill those children off?

    • And they report this as being a natural event. AND WORSE, the people buy it!!! “Don’t look up, people”, says every weather reporter on MSM: “Oh, those criss crossing lines in the sky which then linger and spread out into a haze? Nothing to see here. Only normal condensation trails made by jet aircraft. Perfectly natural!” Meanwhile, back at Military industrial complex NW headquarters…
      “General, are we done sustaining drought over the California area now? We’ve deployed the majority of our drought and deluge chemical dispersion planes to the Middle East and the flooding in Saudi Arabia is now complete. Can we bring those planes back to CA now?”
      “Yes, Major.” the general confirmed. Bring them back to refuel and reload with chemical mix # 17. Have them begin the saturation by 14:00 hours tomorrow. “The Saudis have gotten the idea by now. We will destroy them completely if they don’t respond to our demands. Bring those planes in to saturate the sky over the mid Pacific because the winds we created in the Middle East have caused a major upper level low disturbance which is traveling east over Asia. This is a big mission, Major. Have all refueling planes topped up and ready to deploy. If you start now and spray the skies for the next 4 days, that ought to make the pressure drop so far that we can inundate most of CA with flooding so severe that we can ruin the spring crops completely. Let’s see, what shall we name this weather event? We have worn out the 500 year and thousand year flood claims. Let’s call it an ‘atmospheric river’ caused by a ‘bomb cyclone’.”
      “Yes sir!” the major said as he moved to his detailed chemical dispersion map of the globe to update it.

  3. Folks, the weather we’re having out here this year was heretofore known as “the rainy season.” Back in the 70’s this would have been seen as a “dry” winter! This is NOTHING new! What IS new is the population that has moved in, and the houses and infrastructure built around conditions present at the time, and not conditions over time. Of course, the MSM will be bleating “climate change” all it can. You’re being lied to by the MSM…

  4. Power outages. Hmmm what are they going to do when all the cops and emergency vehicles are electric and can’t be charged?

  5. Our demonic infested govt is trying to kill us by killing more food production. People need to stand up and reverse this B/S. Bulldoze the HAARP arrays, hang gruesome newsom for the world to see along w/his aunt the drunkin pill popper. Sit and do NOTHING I can’t find in the Bible folks !

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