‘You can’t go to the beach’: Toxic red tide is back to Florida’s gulf coast with thousands of dead fish covering water and beaches

Toxic Red Tide Is Back in Florida
Toxic Red Tide Is Back in Florida

Tens of thousands of dead fish are washing up on southwest Florida beaches due to red tide, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

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A video posted to Facebook by Dawn Workman Lansing showed numerous dead fish washed up in Venice on Thursday. They ranged in size from very small to what appeared to be a goliath grouper, which can weigh up to 800 pounds.

Red tide is a type of harmful algal bloom that occurs when colonies of algae grow out of control and produce toxins that can kill marine life, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Red tide can also cause human illnesses or make the air near the water difficult to breathe.

“It is March and we have a terrible fish kill from red tide going on the Gulf Coast of Florida. From Venice all the way up past St. Pete/Clearwater,” Lansing wrote in her Facebook post alongside the video.

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“The air quality is so terrible. You can’t go to the beach. Help us the state of Florida. How can we be the best if we can’t breathe, enjoy our beaches or have visitors enjoy them?”

The FWC collects water samples daily to measure concentrations of the red tide organism, called Karenia brevis.

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On March 8, FWC reported high concentrations of the algae in multiple southwestern counties, including Sarasota County, which includes Venice.

According to the FWC, fish kills and respiratory irritation suspected to be related to red tide have been reported in multiple counties, including Pasco, Pinellas, Manatee, Sarasota, Charlotte, Lee, Collier and Monroe. [MyFWC, Smithsonian]

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  2. According to the code symbols, most of the coast mentioned is low to none. Why is the ‘news’ lying about this so blatently? Maybe it is to discourage the spring breakers, which is a great idea. Redirect them to the east coast. Brilliant.

    • Go eat some of those fish and crabs. Very nutritious. Then you will have diarreha from your butt as well as your mouth.

  3. Here is my idea of a potential clean up prevention.
    Barley straw or barley straw concentrate is used in fresh water to slow kill algae would it work in salt water?
    Could a stone bubbler(used in aquariums)be enlarged and modified to work in the near shore?
    Also could a enlarged modified submerged pump
    (Think old aquarium pumps)
    Modified with the intake at the top rather than the bottom.
    Aeration pumps in select areas would also help prevent it
    Since red tide is normally present between 10 and 40 miles off shore
    It’s time to see if the numbers have actually increased and if so what’s causing it.
    Is there still standing water from hurricane Ian
    If so it either needs to be pumped out or dried up.This is where barley straw itself would work.

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    • Probably should avoid eating crustaceans and mollusks for a while. If you fish rocks, jetty, nearshore, then catch and release until the waters are back to normal. Catch and release is still fishing, so it’s fun any which way.

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