Volcanic update! Airlines warned of danger from erupting Bezymianny volcano in Russia – Semeru volcano (East Java, Indonesia): actively growing lava dome generates pyroclastic flows


A small volcanic update…

volcano eruption Russia and Indonesia April 2023

Semeru, Indonesia

The actively growing lava dome in the inner Jonggring Saloko summit crater generated a block-and-ash flow yesterday.

The pyroclastic flow descended along the steep southeastern ravine and reached approx. 1,5 km length as can be seen in the video recorded by local observers in Huntap. Grey ash plumes formed as they separated from the current (so-called phoenix clouds).

The reason for this flow was presumably either accumulated lava material from the front of the lava flow or destabilization of the lava dome resulting in the partial collapse.

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Pyroclastic flows are deadly, turbulent hot avalanches of lava rock fragments of all sizes embedded in a mixture of turbulent gas and ash racing down slopes.

Meanwhile, vulcanian-type eruptions continue to take place from Jonggring Saloko crater producing ash plumes reaching about 14,000 ft (4,300 m) height.

The volcano observatory recommended to stay away from an area of 5 km around the summit and especially avoid the southeastern sector around Besuk Kobokan in 13 km from the peak, in particular keep at least 500 m distance from the numerous riverbeds that intersect the relatively flat terrain of the volcano’s lower slopes.

Bezymianny, Russia

Bezymianny in Kamchatka ejected a 12,000-meter-tall ash cloud, Russia’s air regulator said.

Aircraft have been strongly advised to review their flight routes due to a powerful volcanic outburst in Russia’s far-eastern peninsula of Kamchatka, according to a statement by the Federal Agency for Air Transport, Rosaviatsiya, published on Saturday.

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Rosaviatsiya said that on Friday morning Bezymianny volcano, which is located in the eastern part of the peninsula and is considered to be one of the most active in the region, erupted with a 12,000-meter column of ash, which then started to drift off to the southeast.

The eruption was assigned the maximum ‘red’ hazard code according to the International Civil Aviation Organization scale, Rosaviatsiya said, warning that “volcanic activity poses a danger to domestic and international flights.”

To make sure air travel is safe, Russia’s flight authorities issued the so-called Notice to Airmen requiring them to “take into account the peculiarities of this natural phenomenon” and “suggesting using alternative routes” when flying over this part of Russia.

The agency also noted that Russia’s aviation authorities had ensured the passing of 23 aircraft from China, India and other South Asian countries bound for North America or back.

In total, Bezymianny ejected four plumes of ash on Friday, resulting in the region’s emergency services issuing an alert for local residents and tourists. The authorities warned them against visiting both Bezymianny and neighboring Shiveluch volcanoes, and advised visitors not to approach the mountains closer than 25 kilometers, while also noting that ash outbreaks could reach heights of 15,000 meters.

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The Kamchatka peninsula hosts a large volcanic group, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a major tourist destination. Eruptions are regarded as an ordinary event, and they rarely cause serious devastation.

In the last week, additional earthquakes were put in place around the Nevado del Ruiz volcano, as there is still a possibility of it producing a major eruption. Elsewhere, the alert level at the Laguna del Maule volcano was raised which has more than 100 cubic kilometers of magma in various states when discussing the combination of its magma chamber and magma reservoir. And, in Vanuatu, the Ambae shield volcano produced a new eruption. This last video discusses all of that and more. Enjoy…

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